April 12, 2024

Like many Americans, I often buy groceries online and have them delivered right to my door via Amazon Fresh. What I love about it is that it helps me avoid physically going to the grocery store and allows me to have it delivered at a time that is convenient for me, and as an Amazon Prime member, there is usually no shipping fee.

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Those days are numbered. Amazon Fresh is raising delivery fees starting February 28.

Buying groceries from Amazon Fresh will soon cost more.
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What is Amazon Fresh?

For those who don’t know, Amazon Fresh Delivery is a grocery delivery service that lets you conveniently have fresh groceries, household items, and other essentials delivered right to your door. By using this service, you also get a wider selection of products than you would at a traditional brick-and-mortar grocery store. Plus, deliveries can be customized to fit your schedule, making it a convenient solution for busy individuals and families.

How do Amazon Fresh’s prices vary?

Currently, Amazon Prime members in select regions only pay for delivery on orders under $35, which is a reasonable deal. In busier areas like New York City, shipping is free on orders over $50. Orders below these amounts will incur a $4.99 shipping fee.

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Now, prices have changed for everyone. Amazon will start adding $3.95 for shipping on orders of $100 to $150, $6.95 for orders of $50 to $100, and $9.95 for orders under $50. These fees will be added on top of the $139 annual fee Prime members already pay.

Why did the price suddenly soar?

In a statement issued by an Amazon spokesperson, the company said, “We are charging a service fee on some Amazon Fresh delivery orders to help keep online and brick-and-mortar grocery prices low as we can better pay for grocery deliveries.” costs and continue to be able to provide a consistent, fast and high-quality delivery experience.”

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The company seems to think customers won’t take it well, as they reiterated some of the other benefits customers will enjoy despite the price increase. In an email sent to Prime members, they emphasized that they will continue to offer the 2-hour delivery fee option, and will also offer a 6-hour delivery window in select areas for reduced fees.

Amazon also mentions that Prime members will still get in-store deals on select groceries at Amazon Fresh and Whole Foods stores, as well as a free one-year GrubHub+ membership trial with unlimited $0 on restaurant orders over $12 Delivery charges.

Prime members can still get in-store deals on select groceries at Amazon Fresh and Whole Foods stores, among other perks.

Prime members can still get in-store deals on select groceries at Amazon Fresh and Whole Foods stores, among other perks.

Previously, the retail giant cut staff to reduce costs. Amazon is recovering from restructuring to meet the COVID needs of customers who have mostly stayed at home during the tech downturn, after making a number of structural changes to its business to meet the needs of customers who mostly stayed at home during the COVID-19 pandemic. In my case, I’ve found that the prices on Amazon Fresh have been creeping higher than some of my local grocery stores, and some items in the online grocery service are indeed cheaper.

I also find myself using Amazon Fresh Less, as quality has become more unpredictable in my area. For example, it might seem like a small thing to most people, but I recently received two separate Amazon Fresh orders, each the size of a red pepper that looked like a movie called “Honey Yes, I Shrunk the Grocery Store” fictional movie.

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It was funny for the first time. The second time I started looking around for other options for higher quality groceries at lower prices.

What do you think of Amazon’s price changes? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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