December 3, 2023

Moving to any city is quite challenging for women. Many cities have made such rules which help keep women safe.

A tough experience can be relocating to a new city, especially for ladies. Despite our greatest efforts, women continue to experience more problems and difficulties than males, with safety and equality as the two main concerns. Dubai, a sophisticated city in the United Arab Emirates, is growing quickly and adjusting to the demands of its inhabitants, who come from hundreds of different nationalities. Women might have a hard time picturing a life here. This is because of the different rumours and tales they hear. I want to address a few misconceptions in my blog post so that readers will have a more accurate understanding of what it’s like to be a woman in Dubai.

When I decided to live in this city, people around me said “what? Are going to wear burqas there? Will be able to drive? Will you be safe there?”

So I want to share some of the facts about this city and why it’s good for women to buy properties in Dubai. 

The UAE places a high focus on gender equality, and numerous steps are being done to enhance the lives of women. The Dubai Women Establishment offers a significant assistance programme for working women and works with governments to promote legislation that gives women more influence. For instance, it is increasingly necessary for women to be represented and included on the board of directors in large enterprises and government organisations.

The UAE wants to rank among the top 25 nations in the world for gender equality. The UAE Gender Balance Council was established to make sure Emirati women play a key role in its development as part of its efforts to accomplish this.

Another concern is whether women in the UAE are allowed to buy property by themselves. The answer is undoubted yes. 30% of UAE real estate is thought to be held by women. There are a lot of single women living here as well. They frequently feel extremely secure doing this, and it is not unusual.

Western media frequently sensationalises daily life in the UAE. It is obvious why some people have such disparate opinions of what life is like here depending on where they obtain their information. Although there will inevitably be lifestyle variations between two nations or places, Dubai will provide you with a sense of empowerment and ease. In the UAE, women can feel secure, guarded, and safe. They can live life to the fullest. The communities in Dubai such as Forest Villas are the best ones to get a house. My experience is very delightful living here. Women can go outside at any time. They are fully safe in such communities. Moreover, houses are available according to individual needs. When my family moved in, I like the four-bed apartments. Dubai’s infrastructure is so well managed, you will always have hospitals, schools, shopping malls, and grocery stores around every community. I wish you good luck going there.

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