April 12, 2024
Kashmir tour packages from Jammu

Kashmir offers a unique accommodation experience that sets it apart from other tourist destinations – houseboat stays. Mostly situated on the banks of the two beautiful lakes in Srinagar, Dal and Nigeen, these houseboats offer an enchanting stay experience amidst serene waters and picturesque surroundings. Kashmir tour packages from Jammu generally book great houseboats for stay.

A Glimpse into Houseboat Stays

Houseboats in Kashmir are not just boats; they are floating hotels offering all modern facilities and amenities. They range from standard to luxury, catering to different budgets and preferences.  For instance, Naaz Kashmir is a luxury houseboat located 700m away from Gulmarg Gondola, offering rooms with mountain views. On the other hand, Kolu Group Houseboats provide deluxe accommodations comparable to any 5-star hotels. The interiors of these houseboats are intricately carved and furnished with Kashmiri carpets, walnut wood furniture, and locally crafted artifacts, reflecting the rich cultural heritage of the region.

Unforgettable Experiences on Houseboats

A stay on a houseboat is not just about comfortable accommodations; it’s about the experiences that come with it. The houseboats are located on serene lakes, offering stunning views of the water and the surrounding landscapes. They also provide a unique opportunity to experience the local way of life, with shikaras (gondolas) serving as transportation for everything from sightseeing to shopping. The houseboats also serve delicious local cuisine. For example, the Kashmir Group of Houseboats, located in Nigeen Lake, is known for its friendly staff and delicious food. A houseboat stay in Kashmir is an experience not to be missed. Its blend of luxury, tradition, and nature makes it an unforgettable part of any trip to this beautiful region.

Tips To Make Houseboat Stays Memorable

1. Choose the Right Houseboat: Not all houseboats are created equal. They range from basic to ultra-luxurious, each offering different amenities and experiences. Consider your budget, the size of your party, and your expectations before booking.

2. Book in Advance: Houseboats in Kashmir can get booked quickly, especially during peak tourist season. To secure your preferred choice, it’s advisable to book well in advance.

3. Check the Location: While Dal Lake is the most popular location for houseboats, Nigeen Lake is quieter and less crowded. Depending on your preference for solitude or socializing, choose the location that suits you best.

4. Explore Local Cuisine: Most houseboats offer delicious local Kashmiri cuisine. Don’t miss out on tasting the ‘Wazwan’, a traditional multi-course meal, or the soothing ‘Kahwa’, a Kashmiri green tea with spices and almonds.

5. Interact with Locals: The houseboat community in Kashmir is warm and welcoming. Take time to interact with them to understand their way of life, culture, and traditions.

6. Enjoy Nature: Use your houseboat stay as an opportunity to connect with nature. Watch the sunrise over the lake, enjoy bird-watching, or simply soak in the stunning views around you.

7. Try Shikara Rides: Shikaras are small, wooden boats used for transportation around the lakes. A shikara ride is a must-do activity to explore the lake’s surroundings.

8. Respect the Environment: While enjoying your stay, remember to respect the environment. Avoid littering and try to minimize your impact on the local ecosystem.


So, if you’re planning a visit to Kashmir, make sure to include a few nights on a houseboat in your itinerary. It will undoubtedly enhance your travel experience, leaving you with memories to cherish for a lifetime. You must opt for Kashmir tour packages for discounts on houseboat stays.

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