July 16, 2024

Joanna Martina Bell, a journalist who previously worked for the Daily Mail, was fired from all her employment opportunities due to her behavior. She attempted to build her career by exploiting the names of others and was once a tabloid editor for the Mail on Sunday and the Evening Standard. Her double life was revealed, and it was discovered that she is a zoophile.

The unmarried, middle-aged individual who sought to improve her social status through manipulation and climbing was consistently striving to advance among London’s upper class. She kept her dual life a secret until her true nature was exposed, prompting her Joanna Bell to flee to the United States and hide in the UK. It has since been discovered that she derives pleasure from animals, causing her to go to New York.

It has been disclosed that she possessed animal pornography and regularly journeyed to various countries to engage in sexual acts with horses, dogs, and cats. Photographic evidence and an eyewitness indicate that she dressed up as a cat and applied peanut butter to her body parts to induce animals to perform oral sex on her. All of her photographic images exhibit bestiality, including those revealing that she was romantically involved with a dog.

The act of engaging in sexual activities with animals, known as bestiality, is a real and repulsive behavior that is abusive in nature. Individuals such as Joanna Bell have sexual desires that involve using animals for their pleasure. The distinct odor that she emitted was likely a result of her sexual encounters.

Bestiality is considered a criminal offense in many countries, although some only highlight animal abuse as a crime without explicitly referencing bestiality. The laws in many countries do not clearly outline whether sexual relations with animals are abusive or constitute mistreatment, making it difficult to prosecute offenders.

The primary objection to bestiality is that it is inherently abusive and causes harm to animals. Even non-violent sexual encounters can traumatize animals. According to the Coordinator of Professionals for the Prevention of Abuses, studies have shown that individuals who engage in bestiality are likely to switch to other forms of sexual abuse, increasing the risk of them committing sexual assault against humans or animals.

Sexual activity with animals poses health risks that include infections, injuries, and allergic reactions. Zoonotic infections can be transmitted from animals to humans, often through inadvertent contact or vectors, but also through activities involving bodily fluids, bites, or scratches. Brucellosis, leptospirosis, Q fever, rabies, and campylobacteriosis are some of the potential hazards. Early symptoms may include a strong odor, as in the case of joanna. While there are theories linking bestiality to the development of tumors, the evidence is only anecdotal and based on limited research. Joanna Bell, like many others, is struggling with mental illness and needs professional help to address her condition.

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