April 24, 2024

Ever had a difficult time selecting the correct HubSpot CMS template?

Well, we are here to help with it.

Confused on what’s the right template for your website is?

You are not alone if you have these questions and if more cross your mind while selecting a HubSpot CMS template. It’s obvious to get overwhelmed with the endless options available in the HubSpot gallery.

Well, in this post, we will walk through the process of picking the finest and most appropriate HubSpot CMS template that your Business needs.

By the end of this post, you’ll know which HubSpot templates are best suited to fulfil your business goals. 

As we all know, HubSpot is one of the well known CMS that offers several best web templates, themes, designs, features and functionalities. HubSpot platform is the best CMS to build your websites with its outstanding pre-build themes and templates designed to support different types of Businesses.

The focus of the article would be to prioritise a list of things you should look for, while buying or downloading a website template. As we start, it is important to know the difference between  HubSpot Theme, a Template, and a Template Pack. 

It is common to hear the term Template or Template Packs associated with HubSpot when you look for it on HubSpot Asset Marketplace. 

The term theme was associated with CMS like HubSpot. Previously, a user would download a landing page template separately from the service page template and blog template. 

All these pages were different in design, and they are built separately, sometimes from scratch using the drag-and-drop option.

In themes, a group of templates and modules are paired together with Custom and Default options. 

These themes are customizable from individual admin panels, and there’s only a single directory file for each theme, making it easier for the user to find the modules, CSS, fields.json, including elements related to that particular theme. 

However, the updates to the existing templates and template packs in the HubSpot asset marketplace will continue.

With HubSpot you can now edit templates without touching the code, similarly to WordPress Elementor.

After a major release by HubSpot CMS Template Hub, designing in HubSpot is a lot easier and better. 

Let’s look at 4 important things to take into account before selecting a HubSpot CMS template. 

How to select the right HubSpot CMS Template? 

  1. Identify the purpose of your Hubspot website templates

 Basic questions you can ask yourself are :

1. What are company goals for establishing a website?
2. Generate leads?
3. Attract more customers?
4. Or simply get more sales?

Once you have identified the purpose of your website, things will become a lot easier. It will also help you proceed in the correct direction to create the perfect website for your Business. 

  1. Determine the type of your business 

It will help you identify the different templates you will need.

For instance, a business that has products to sell would need a website that showcases its products prominently and makes it easy for customers to quickly browse, find the right product and purchase. 

  1. Knowing your Target Audience

It is one of the most important things you should identify. Different website templates can appeal to different types of people, so businesses should consider their customer base when selecting a HubSpot CMS template.

For instance, a business targeting millennials may need to choose a more modern, hip templates that appeals to their demographic.

  1. Technical capabilities

Lastly,  the technical capabilities of a website is a considerable factor for businesses. During the selection process of the template, it can be possible to work simultaneously on both the smoothness of the website along with the implementation of the technical issues. Believing with that process it assures the website compatibility with the latest browser, OS and multiple mobile devices.

In essence while selecting a HubSpot templates businesses look to address several considerable factors including, objective, type, web page template design and most importantly target audience of your business to make an informed decision.

Top 7 tips for picking the right HubSpot CMS templates for your business

  1. Mobile-friendly templates

Choosing a mobile-friendly HubSpot templates is a no-brainer. As per the device settings, Mobile-friendly designs self-optimize due to which front end developers would not need to run a manual optimization of the website. It will save time, and allow them to be more efficient at work.

  1. SEO-Ready templates

In today’s time, where there are so many options available, a website template that is built with Search Engine Optimization in mind will always be preferred first. Being mobile-friendly is also a feature of SEO. 

It is important that the template’s design elements are coded keeping speed in mind, so it does not take too much time for the website to load. Always remember, if the website takes time to load, it will have a higher bounce back rate which is not good for any website. 

If your website is SEO Optimized, it will show up in more searches resulting in a higher Click rate and visits. 

Looks matter, so properly spaced buttons, design elements, texts, good navigation, and URL structure should also be a priority. 

  1. Fully Customizable templates

Spending money on the website would make you want to have more freedom with the design. You would want to be able to do more, and have more with the website, but it is also important that it fulfils the guideline for building a website. 

We all want each element, whether text or pictorial, patterned or solid, customizable, but well kept within Google’s SEO rules. Good and experienced developers know how to build a template with an easy drag-and-drop option for editing.

What we talked about above are just the basic features of the HubSpot template. These are general for every website, regardless of its niche. The real work begins right after it. 

  1. Template Style

Out of corporate, casual, portfolio, single-page for sign-ups, what is there on your website requirement list? 

It is important to have a basic idea in mind to save yourself from clicking on random templates pointlessly. You need one template out of a thousand available, so you should start segregating at step 1.

  1. Modules

Modules are the building blocks of your HubSpot template pages. Many modules are available in the marketplace, but some have to be built from scratch depending on your needs with the help of developers. 

Check if the default modules that come with the templates fulfil your requirements or not. Or if there are other modules available matching your needs.

  1. Budget

Just like a regular template park, the HubSpot CMS template park is loaded with templates that have multiple budget options. Depending on your Budget, you will need to fine tune the number and type of module and website pages you can go with.

For example, in a corporate website setup, one would always need a home page template, blog page template, service pages template, web page template, plans and pricing page template, contact page template, landing pages template. 

To save you a few bucks, you can play with these page designs to add new pages. So, any templates providing you with these templates covers you up.

If you are running a fairly large company you would want to cover multiple things. To fulfil this requirement you should go with the templates that offer a custom layout of several pages and modules. 

And, don’t worry, you can add more pages with different layouts without any hassle.

  1. After-Sale Support

The HubSpot Website Templates are easy to modify using a drag-and-drop option, but few enthusiasts will want to use them extensively.

If you are one of them, you would need a little knowledge of programming languages to edit the modules beyond the drag-and-drop option.

Having a template that is exactly or close to your requirements saves you money, which you can spend on hiring a good HubSpot developer to complete your website.

But, always remember a good developer can work his/her magic and do wonders to your basic HubSpot website templates, while a bad one can ruin even the most striking templates.

Need help with finding the right HubSpot CMS templates?

That will be all from us, and I hope this detailed article about HubSpot CMS template helped you in making the right decision. 

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