April 24, 2024

Mobile analyst Mr Seufert called the numbers achieved by Threads “objectively impressive and unprecedented”.

Twitter owner Elon Musk seems uneasy about Threads’ momentum. Threads, with 100 million users, is rapidly surging to some of Twitter’s last public user numbers. Last July, four months before Musk bought the company and took it private, Twitter disclosed that it had 237.8 million daily users.

Mr Musk has taken action. On the same day that Threads was officially launched last week, Twitter threatened to sue Meta over the new app. On Sunday, Musk called Zuckerberg a “jerk” in a tweet. He then challenged Zuckerberg to a contest, asking him to measure specific body parts and compare who was bigger next to the ruler emoji. Zuckerberg has yet to respond.

(Before the Threads announcement, Musk had single-handedly launched a “cage match” with Zuckerberg.)

What Musk lacked in Twitter, Zuckerberg has in Meta has something rich: a large audience. More than 3 billion users regularly access Zuckerberg’s suite of apps, including Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger.

Zuckerberg has extensive experience driving millions of people within these apps to use other apps. Year 2014For example, he removed Facebook’s private messaging service from the social networking app and forced people to download another app called Messenger to continue using the service.

Threads is now closely tied to Instagram. Users need to have an Instagram account to register. People can import their entire followlist from Instagram to Threads with just one tap of the screen, eliminating the need to find new followers on the service.

On Monday, Zuckerberg said he could do more to push Threads forward. He wrote in a Threads post that he has not “opened many promotions” for the app.

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