April 24, 2024

In June, Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg shared “una pelea en jaula” on social media, with UFC president Dana White White) tells the text.

Era of Zuckerberg, executive director of Mehta, predecessor of White, director of artistic ability, the world’s most important hybrid art – he is Musk’s octagon, and he means it.

The white llama has teamed up with Musk, Tesla, Twitter, and SpaceX to confirm the controversy surrounding the combatants. White’s voice passed to Zuckerberg. In response, Zuckerberg publicly stated on Instagram: “Envíame Ubicación”, a reference to Khabib Nurmagomedov’s slogan, is the main event of the UFC preliminaries.

Subsequently, White, organized millions of technical events for organizing events. Confirmation will be “con esos dos at 12:45 am” in a phone conversation on July 27th. Y añadió: “ambos quieren hacerlo”.

I think we need to re-examine the communal nature of society in a solo time for many in the world.

White DiJo In the final weekend, Musk and Zuckerberg, negotiated together, negotiated between Bastidores, and had a fierce battle. If there are no guarantees, you can confirm White and the three characters related to the dialogue in Pelea Point, General Conditions and Definitions of Events.

Exhibitor of the White Series and match and referee of the UFC Official Jurisdiction, is the producer of the event. White is a familiar character dialogue with some technical aspects, including filigree components, which you can learn about in detail. The Las Vegas series is preferred and requires the support of the Nevada Athletic Commission. El Jueves, Musk tuiteo This is what happened in the Colosseum in Rome.

All in all, Zuckerberg’s friends and his friends know that in some people, there are some other people who will be distracted and will not be at their best during this time. As a Musk figure, Odiba didn’t follow the usual discipline in the movement, nor did he have any.

Musk, 52, and Zuckerberg, 39, look forward to joint ventures, including the world of industrial technology.Steve Jobs and Bill Gates teamed up to start a real debate in the tech world among millions of los yates fans Examples include Oracle’s Larry Ellison and SAP’s Hasso Plattner.

Million tech giants, golf and Pat Andos in Las Vegas or Rome? Nadie lo habría soñado.

Meta se negó a hacer commentarios. Musk did not respond to a request for comment.

During this time, Zuckerberg and Musk have maintained a huge relationship between rivals, friends and foes.He was critical of the incident at Musk’s SpaceX in Los Angeles Extension of Data Privacy en Meta y más. Zuckerberg created a Meta device called the Proyecto 92 on Musk’s Twitter feed.

If you compete with everyone else, white will be the difference between millions of people. In 13 years, Musk’s dice weighed 31 kilograms more than Zuckerberg. Generally prohibited in official MMA fights.

“Tenemos a dos tipos que nunca han peleado de manera professional y están en dos categorías de peso completamente differententerentes”, dijo White. Sin embargo, “será la pelea más grande en la historia de los deportes de Battlee”, commentary.

Zuckerberg is particularly familiar with the UFC world. Over the final 18 fights, we will showcase individual muscle and depth in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, an artistic prowess among UFC opponents and American players.

In 2021, Zuckerberg began to diversify and build a “mini academia” with his friends. BJJ requires “100s of concentration” and strategic analysis of opponents in brutal situations.

Zuckerberg is an art expert, including Dave Camarillo, James Terry and Khai Wu. Redwood City, CA’s Public Art Tornado Cloud Competition in May, and we’ll help you get out of the sombrero and the sun’s rays. Won gold and silver awards.

Not long ago, we announced a partnership with UFC for hybrid art fights in Horizon Worlds and for use in real-world virtual applications.

White people are true devotees of Zuckerberg.

“He’s been in touch with Zuckerberg for the past year”, dijo. “Y nunca hay algo como bromas o que estemos bromeando y riendo”. Dijo que el jefe ejecutivo de Meta period “totalmente serio todo el tiempo”.

That may well be the case with Zuckerberg. In the future, we will continue to communicate and communicate with your friends and colleagues, and continue to communicate with your friends and colleagues, and continue to help you.Possibly, please re-log personal records Complete “Murph”, This is a series of Lagatias and Dominadas where you will fight alongside the army of Chaleco Antibaras in various kilometers and centuries.

“Practicar deportes que básicamente requieren toda tu atención, creo, es realmente importante para mi salud mental y para mantenerme concentrado en todo lo que estoy haciendo”, dijo en un recente episode de podcast.

musk, por otro lado, tuiteo que “casi nunca” hace ejercicio y una vez Espalda’s injury Requirements for participating in the Sumo Wrestlers Exhibition.Passado dicho que se había entrenado en “judo, kyoshin (o full contact)”, dos artes marciales japonesas, y en “peleas callejeras sin reglas”.

“Musk lo dejó muy claro: ‘No voy a perder peso'”, dijo White sobre la estrategia de Musk para el possible enfrentamiento. Y dice que también le preguntó: “¿Vamos a pelear o no vamos a pelear?”.

Lex Fridman shared photos of a judo match with Musk on this week’s Podcast Creator. Friedman practiced with Zuckerberg but did not respond for comment.

Al menos una persona no parece ser fan de que se lleve a cabo la pelea: Maye Musk, la madre de Musk.

“¡Ban fomenten esta pelea!”, tuiteo hace poco, junto con dos emojis frunciendo el ceño.

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