June 15, 2024

As always, to be on the safe side, double check recipes to make sure your bot isn’t hallucinating.

Let’s move on to gift giving – some of us have more gifts than others. There are several artificial intelligence tools designed to make choosing a gift easier, including a website that suggests gift ideas based on: Someone’s Instagram Profile.

i prefer dream gift, which uses a chatbot to ask you a series of questions about the recipient’s age, gender, interests and hobbies, and how much you’re willing to spend, and automatically provides ideas and links to order items online. (My wife admits that she likes some of the robot’s gift suggestions, which include an indoor herb growing kit, more than some of the gifts I’ve given her over the years. Oops.)

If you prefer to use a chatbot, that’s fine too. Bing and Bard, linked to search engines, are powerful shopping assistants. The trick to getting customized recommendations is to share lots of details about your budget and who you’re shopping with.

Let’s end with something more creative. You can use artificial intelligence to create custom bedtime stories, or even your own hardcopy children’s books.

Give chatbots like ChatGPT or Bard detailed prompts that include your child’s preferred style of storytelling, any details you want to include, and the situation you want the story to address. Here’s a tip I wrote for a hypothetical kid who isn’t happy about moving to a new home. I ask it to involve some familiar characters:

Play as a children’s book author in Frog and Toad. My kids are going through a tough time – we’re moving to a new home and changing schools. Write a story to help him deal with this. Featuring our dogs Max and Mochi corgis.

The chatbot generates a touching story about furry siblings Max and Mochi. They enjoyed playing in the park but were sad about moving to their new home. But they support each other and end up at a new school, where they make new friends: Bella, the bubbly terrier, and Charlie, the cheeky chihuahua. In the end everything worked out.

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