April 24, 2024

In the bustling arena of social media, a new gladiator has entered the ring. That’s the name of Roar Social, which launched with $10 million in seed funding. But Roar isn’t just another app icon on your screen; it’s an app icon. This platform prompts us to take a hard look at which generation really walks the talk when it comes to philanthropy.

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Tech Startups Changing the Giving Game

Roar Social doesn’t just upload selfies or share memes — oh no, it replaces every “like” with a “donate” button, turning each one into a potential small donation. Every click can potentially bring a sliver of kindness to the world, all thanks to a concept they call “gamified giving.” This inventive idea is the brainchild of Robert Weiss, a technologist and serial entrepreneur no stranger to making waves.

Roar Social targets Gen Z and millennial Americans, giving them an exciting tool to express their values. (roar social)

How gamified giving is revolutionizing social media

The platform ushers in a new era of social media engagement, where users don’t just scroll and double-tap, but also contribute to a larger purpose. From professional content creators to casual users, everyone is entitled to devote their time, attention and creativity to social good. The platform is driven by “gamified giving,” in which the traditional “like” button is replaced with a “donate” button, encouraging small donations as small as a penny.

Balancing the pros and cons of social media screen time

Gamified giving encourages Gen Z philanthropy

From professional content creators to casual users, everyone is entitled to devote their time, attention and creativity to social good. (roar social)

Roar Social: A Platform for Socially Conscious Content Creators

The platform targets Gen Z and millennial Americans, giving them an exciting tool to express their values. These cohorts show a strong interest in social issues and tend to be more socially aware than any other generation. Roar Social capitalizes on this by providing a platform where users can join the “Heroic Cause” community and collaborate with “allies” to co-create content that is not only entertaining but also has real-life impact.

Roar Social is inviting creators, influencers, and users to sign up for VIP early access to its beta version, which will be available on the Apple App Store this summer.

Which generation gives more?

This brings us to an interesting question: Which generation is more dedicated? This is a broad question, and the answer can be complex, as giving habits often vary across generations.

Baby Boomers: The Generous Generation

Baby Boomers, born between 1946 and 1964, are seasoned giving veterans with a reputation for giving generously. They make up 23.6% of the US population, with 72% of Baby Boomers giving an average of $1,212 to charity each year. They donate around, using proven methods like direct mail, checks, and phone calls. Don’t let their old-school approach fool you, though – they’re also experimenting with forays into the digital realm, responding aggressively to email calls and online platforms.

Generation X: The underdog when it comes to giving

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And what about Generation X, who are often overlooked in the donation game? They may be vulnerable, but they are by no means insignificant. They make up 20.4 percent of the U.S. population. They respond quickly to social media calls and are keen to personalize their donation experience. They are most likely to raise funds, make pledges and volunteer their time to an organization on behalf of a cause. They also value personalization and customization of the donation experience.

Millennials: Socially Conscious and Tech-Savvy Donors

Let’s not forget about our younger generation, though. Millennials and Gen Z are groups that Roar Social follows closely. Millennials are champions of social causes and grassroots organizing. Tech-savvy and digitally connected, they prefer to donate through online platforms and crowdfunding sites. They make up 25.9% of the U.S. population, and 84% of them donate to charitable causes. Their average annual donation is $481.

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Generation Z: Social media-savvy and values-driven givers

Gen Z, these new faces, are still figuring out their giving habits. We know they are quick to donate through social media platforms and fully support causes that resonate with their personal values. They’re especially likely to donate because they feel it’s the right thing to do, and they donate in less traditional ways, for example, to individuals and grassroots movements rather than just established charities. As of this year, nearly half (43%) have donated to an individual’s personal cause on GoFundMe or a similar platform in the last year.

Roar Social Encourages Gen Z Philanthropy

The generational gap in philanthropy between Gen Z and Baby Boomers. (

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A Generational Shift in Philanthropy

So, who pays the most? Well, baby boomers may be big on traditional giving, but when it comes to the future of philanthropy—digital, spontaneous, socially conscious giving—millennials and Gen Z are on the rise.

Kurt’s key takeaways

With Roar Social’s innovative approach, we are witnessing the dawn of a new era in philanthropy. What matters is not who gives the most, but how we give. So next time you’re scrolling through your feed, remember: Every click can be an opportunity to change the world. Isn’t that a cause worth roaring about?

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