April 24, 2024

Dozens of independent open source AI chatbots and tools have been released over the past few months, including open assistant and falcon. HuggingFace is a large open source AI repository hosting over 240,000 open source models.

“It’s like the invention of the printing press and the invention of the automobile,” Mr. Hartford, founder of WizardLM-Uncensored, said in an interview. “No one can stop it. Maybe you can delay it for another year or two, but you can’t stop it. No one can stop this.”

Mr. Hartford started working on WizardLM-Uncensored after being fired from Microsoft last year. ChatGPT fascinated him, but he was frustrated when it refused to answer certain questions, citing ethical concerns. In May, he released WizardLM-Uncensored, a version of WizardLM retrained to offset its conditioning layers. It can give instructions about harming others or describe scenes of violence.

“You are responsible for anything you do to the output of these models, just as you are responsible for anything you do with a knife, a car, or a cigarette lighter,” Mr. Hartford said in a blog post announcing the tool. concluded.

In tests by The New York Times, WizardLM-Uncensored refused to respond to some prompts, such as how to make a bomb. But it offers several ways to harm humans and gives detailed instructions for using drugs. ChatGPT rejected similar prompts.

open assistantAnother standalone chatbot has seen widespread adoption after its release in is developed In just five months, with the help of 13,500 volunteers, using existing language models, including one first released to researchers by Meta, but soon Give way wider. Open Assistant can’t match ChatGPT in quality, but it can Followed by. Users can ask the chatbot questions, write poems, or prod it to provide more questionable content.

“I’m sure there will be bad people using it for bad things,” says Open Assistant co-founder and enthusiast Yannic Kilcher. youtube creator Focus on artificial intelligence “I think, in my opinion, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.”

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