April 24, 2024

The latest June update to Microsoft Launcher has caused a lot of headaches for users, especially if they happen to use a Surface Duo.

Released on June 27, 2023, the update has amassed numerous posts from Reddit and Twitter users saying their devices are not working properly with Microsoft Launcher.While there are a wide variety of devices with issues, the Surface Duo appears to be the most common issue, according to Windows Centerwhich seems to be related to a recent system update.

(Image credit: Reddit user/yugabe)

Currently, the only real solution is to reset the launcher when prompted by the error message, although some users have apparently reported that this doesn’t work either. This is especially a problem with the Surface Duo, since it’s the only launcher for the device, because if the reset doesn’t work, then you may have to resort to customizing the settings again. Other phone users, however, can save themselves some headaches by simply switching the launcher when the error pops up.

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