February 28, 2024

Church leaders and volunteers will soon have access to an artificial intelligence platform designed to cut time on their daily tasks by engaging fellow Christians who are not in their seats through sermon-generated content.

coming soon Forum artificial intelligence platformFounded by Michael Whittle, it is expected to launch later this summer and will be a tool for Christian leaders to take the hassle out of writing religious blog posts, devotional and prayer guides, and social media posts Work.

“We want to help pastors in small and mid-sized churches be able to create content for their congregations to interact with on social media throughout the week,” Whittle told Fox News Digital. “We believe that every pastor should, if they choose, provide digital feeds to the congregation outside of the sermon.

“Most small and mid-sized churches have small or entirely volunteer staff, so they have zero operational leverage with church media and resources,” he added. “If we can help church media teams overcome the blank page, not only can we save them a lot of time, we can help every church become a resource church for its congregation.”

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A congregant at Colonial Baptist Church in Richland Heights, Mississippi, reads a passage from her Bible during service on Nov. 29, 2020. (AP Photo/Rogelio V. Solis)

Puplit AI “does not and never will” generate sermons, instead it acts as a tool for users to upload sermons or religious podcasts in order to repurpose them for “social media highlights, blog posts, discussion questions, and other content for churches” Reaching out to their congregations and communities day in and day out,” Whittle said.

“Pulpit AI analyzes long-form audio and video and then repurposes it into various forms of content,” Whittle said. “Pulpit AI’s output is taken directly from the source material. If the source material is theologically sound, the content created by Pulpit AI will reflect that.”

OpenAI’s ChatGPT, a chatbot system that mimics human conversations when prompted, was a game-changer for AI, released last year by OpenAI, as users flocked to the system to help with school assignments, craft emails at work and even draft letters against parking ticket.

Turn on the AI ​​logo

This illustration photo taken in Krakow, Poland on June 8, 2023 shows the OpenAI logo on the website and ChatGPT on the AppStore on a mobile phone screen. (Jakub Porzycki/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

After ChatGPT was released, some religious leaders warned against using the program for preaching or preaching, arguing that computers cannot preach. For his part, Whittle said that “most churches” are likely to “broadly adopt a variety of niche tools to help them more effectively accomplish the administrative tasks of day-to-day church building,” while noting the need for theological and Philosophical debate is used in the composition of sermons.

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“In the areas of sermon writing, service experience, etc. I think there are still a lot of theological and philosophical conversations that need to be had about what large language models we are using and how,” he said.

Pulpit AI then strikes a balance between assisting pastors and keeping them abreast of the latest technological advances without stripping them of their authority as preachers in the form of actually writing sermons.

church bench

The light from the windows shone on empty rows of pews in the church shelter, empty of people. (iStock)

“Just last week, I’ve been really encouraged that prominent thinkers and leaders from major seminaries and denominations have reached out to share their perspectives on this,” he said.

“The entire church community should not blindly embrace this revolutionary moment, but we also cannot ignore it entirely,” he continued. “It’s here, and I think we have a responsibility to make sure that there are loyal people building products that harness the power of technology for the good of humanity.”

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Whittle said he expects to see “big wins” as pastors integrate the system into their workflow to help create content that worshipers can reflect on throughout the week.

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Sanctuary of a chapel with pews and pulpit. (iStock)

“I think providing their congregation with native, formative content that they can interact with throughout the week is a huge win,” he said. “Our congregation was formed online, mostly by Christian influencers who had no sense of accountability to the local church or pastoral insight into the people they created content for. It was the local church becoming the digital diet of the congregation part of a way.”

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Additionally, pastors and church staff may save time each week, allowing them to spend more time with the congregation, according to Whittle.

GhatGPT openAI logo

The ChatGPT logo and the words AI Artificial Intelligence are seen in this illustration taken on May 4, 2023. (Reuters/Dado Ruvic/Illustration)

“I also think that if we can help pastors and church workers use their time — about five hours a week or more — to get church workers out of behind their computers and to spend time with people in the church, we hope to be able to Help their church become more connected,” he said.

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About 500 people have already signed up for Pulpit AI, which is expected to launch later this summer after a testing period over the next few weeks.

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