February 21, 2024

The first beta of Apple’s Vision Pro headset operating system – VisionOS – has been released, and we’ve discovered a bunch of interesting details about Apple’s VR headset, including what Apple hopes will be the ultimate travel companion.

Apple’s Vision Pro isn’t expected until next year, but that hasn’t stopped Apple from announcing the operating system early so app creators can start bringing their software to the system. As such, when the headset goes on sale, it should have a solid library of content that will help justify its steep $3,499 (around £2,800 / AU$5,300) price tag. But not only does the beta give us an idea of ​​what third-party developers are working on for the Apple headphones, it also gives us a clear idea of ​​where Apple Vision Pro is headed.

Previously (in our roundup of 6 Vision Pro details from the VisionOS beta), it was discovered that Apple wasn’t keen on letting people use its headsets for VR workouts — its guidance to app developers was that they should “avoid encouraging People” move too much. ” Now we’ve learned that the Vision Pro will have a dedicated travel mode designed for using the headset on an airplane (courtesy of mike rumors).

(Image source: Future)

Travel mode isn’t just the typical airplane mode you’d find on a smartphone. Instead, it’s apparently tweaked how the Vision Pro operates so that the experience is more suited to people crammed like sardines next to people in economy class. According to code found in the visionOS beta, the headset will do this by turning off some sensing features and asking you to hold still in travel mode.

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