June 13, 2024

Two of the world’s wealthiest and most influential people who happen to run rival social media networks appear to be egging each other on to agreeing to fights, filling their platforms with the concept of “cage matches” between billionaires.

Elon Musk, whose frequent Twitter jokes and provocative comments he bought for $44 billion last year, was responding this week to a potential Facebook post about a Meta site run by Mark Zuckerberg. “I’m ready to go into the cage,” tweeted the competing service. If he is, match. “

On Instagram, the social network owned by Meta, Zuckerberg responded with a screenshot of Musk’s tweet and the caption “Send my location.”

It’s continued to happen since then, prominently displaying the defiant, combative tone of Silicon Valley’s “bro” culture, though sparring on social media has rarely, if ever, spilled over into the real world.

A Meta spokesperson said Zuckerberg’s response “speaks for itself.” Twitter’s media office automatically responded to requests for comment with the poo emoji.

Last summer, Zuckerberg said he started learning Brazilian jiu-jitsu. He has since posted about his training several times, including photos with professional boxers including Dave Camarillo and Michael Musumechi. Last month, Zuckerberg competed in his first Brazilian jiu-jitsu competition in Woodside, California, where he beat an Uber engineer and won two medals.

Mr Musk explain“I hardly ever exercise.” He proposed fighting in an arena in las vegas.

The two tycoons have historically clashed — only verbally, not physically — over the big topics of their respective industries. In 2014, Zuckerberg invited Musk to dinner at his house in an attempt to convince Musk that he was overly alarmist about the threat of artificial intelligence. Mr. Musk has not changed his mind and continues to warn of the dangers of artificial intelligence. Mr Musk has said that Instagram “frustrating“And Facebook, also owned by Meta,”give me willy“.

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