April 22, 2024

Intel has officially unveiled its rumored processor rebrand, announcing the new Intel Core and Intel Core Ultra brands, phasing out the “i” in the company’s Core line of processors that have been around for more than a decade.

“Our customer roadmap demonstrates how Intel is prioritizing innovation and technology leadership with products like Meteor Lake, focusing on power efficiency and artificial intelligence at scale,” Caitlin Anderson, Intel vice president and general manager of client computing group sales, said in a statement. stated in the report. statement“To better align with our product strategy, we are introducing a branding structure to help PC buyers better differentiate the strengths of our latest technology from our mainstream offerings.”

According to Intel, the new branding will apply to new Core processors starting with Meteor Lake, initially with Intel Core 3, Intel Core 5, and Intel Core 7 processors, but it’s unclear if there will be an option for Intel’s Core 9.

(Image source: Intel)

We do know that this top tier will at least belong to the new Intel Core Ultra brand, which will debut in the second half of 2023, according to the company. The new branding differentiates between its mainstream and “premium” processor lines, with the Ultra series appearing to be aimed at the high-end enthusiast market and enterprise users, and the vanilla Intel Core processors being more mainstream-oriented chips.

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