May 27, 2024

Lip reading isn’t exactly an exact science. jeremy freeman, 49, who has been called upon to become a lip-reading expert in cases involving sexual assault, insurance fraud and other serious issues, described lip-reading as a skill that can be honed with a lot of practice. For Mr Freeman, who was born deaf, the practice was “ingrained from childhood”, he said.

He said he still relies on other cues, such as body language and social context, to determine what was said. “It involves speculation,” said Mr Freeman, who works as a writer near London. “I’d never say I can read lips 100 percent accurately.” Certain people, like Scottish comedian and actor Billy Connolly, baffled him. “I found out he couldn’t lip read,” Mr Freeman said.

Beyond accuracy, there are ethical issues. Is lip reading an invasion of privacy?

Mr Freeman said he would never lip-read anyone in their home. But if it’s a celebrity at a live event, like the coronation of King Charles III, he reads orally for the media, which he sees as “part of the commentary”. (He added that he later heard a deaf voice, which he considered an invasion of privacy.)

Ms. Dellinger said she, too, has limitations.In a video she posted about a conversation Olivia Rodrigo and Iris Apatow On the front row at a Los Angeles Lakers game, Ms. Dellinger left out the name of someone Ms. Rodrygo appeared to say she was dating.

Christine Calvoy, The 25-year-old, another popular lip reader on TikTok, said she would not decipher a video if she thought its content was deeply personal.she recent lip-reading clips The royal during the coronation was asked by some TikTok users after she decided not to try to tell what the Afflecks said at the Grammys.

“The last thing I want is a private moment leaked,” said Ms. Calvoy, who is hard of hearing. “We want to know what happened? Is Ben drinking again? You don’t want to be the fuel for that fire.”

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