April 24, 2024

As a national radio host, I’ve listened to all things technical over the years. “Is Facebook always listening to me?” they don’t need — because they collect a lot of information about you.

“How do I know if someone is snooping on my computer?” Not all snoopers realize they leave technical traces. You can outsmart them.

These questions come up year after year, but I also start answering some new ones. If you’re tired of lengthy recipe blogs, your printer is failing, or you’re about to upgrade to a new phone, read on.

1. Use your phone to make chores easier

question: “I can never just hang a photo. There has to be an app, right?”

Does Your PC Motherboard Have Hidden Vulnerabilities That Could Put You at Risk?

There’s an app for almost everything! Just hang one thing?

  • On the iPhone, open the measurement applicationthen tap grade In the lower right corner. Levels will appear on the screen. cool.
  • On Android, open the google apps or your browser and search for “bubble level. “Use it like a regular spirit level, placing it on a surface.

hanging one The picture is simple. But what if you have four pictures, two hooks on the back, and you want them to be exactly 5.5 inches apart?

  • use the application flip chart。 You can choose the number of pictures, hooks and sizes. The app will tell you exactly where to place your nails on your phone, or you can print full instructions via email.

You can also use your phone to help you hang up the TV. OK How about cleaning a dusty screen? This is the best way.

Photo of a blue tech logo. (Fox News)

2. Discuss your order with Amazon staff

question: “I’m having trouble with an Amazon order and don’t want to deal with chat support. Is it possible to talk to anyone at Amazon?”

There are bound to be occasional issues with orders. Avoid chatbots and essay-length exchanges with third-party sellers with this neat trick:

  • Once logged into your Amazon account, go to contact us page.
  • click one product From past or open orders.
  • Select your question, then at the bottom choose i need more help.
  • On the left, select call now.
  • Enter your phone number and you’ll see an estimated time before you get a call.

I have never waited more than three minutes for a call. Be sure to have your order number handy.

Amazon Prime is should try your best Deducted from monthly or annual fees.

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3. Recipe sites have been buzzing. help!

question: “I’m tired of scrolling through so many things I don’t care about to find recipes on the site. Any tricks to properly find what I’m looking for?”

It’s annoying, right? You find a recipe online that looks delicious, but when you open the page, you need to scroll down to find it. To skip the story and jump straight to the steps, there’s a great app and website called Just The Recipe.

Paste the recipe’s URL into the blank field website, which will give you the ingredients and steps you need. If you use the app, you can save your favorite recipes to your personal cookbook.

man smiling at his smartphone

Man happily looking at his Android phone (

Go here to download Just the Recipe for iOS.

Go here to get Just the Recipe for Android.

Another great way to jump to a recipe: On PC, click Control+F And type “print” to find recipes quickly.On Mac it is Command+F.

4. Wait, can someone hack my printer?

question: “I’ve heard that printers can be hacked. Is this true? How do I know?”

You have antivirus software installed and use unique 21-character passwords for all your accounts. here you go! But it’s easy to forget about this vulnerable office product.

Just like your computer, your printer is a gold mine for hackers. Printers usually store copies of printed documents. Any cybercriminal can get a copy of sensitive information, such as your financial records.

Here are three signs that your printer has been hacked:

  1. Your printer starts printing blank pages or a bunch of characters.
  2. You notice a print job that you did not initiate.
  3. Your printer settings have been changed without your knowledge.

Don’t panic! All you need to do is reset the printer to factory defaults:

  • Unplug the printer and press the printer’s reset button. (It’s usually on the back or bottom of the printer.)
  • hold at the same time reset button, plug the printer back in, turn it on, and after about 20 seconds, the light will blink to indicate it’s done.

Fun fact: Your printer probably has an email address. Here’s how to find it.

5. I have a lot of personal data on my phone

question: “I sold my phone after upgrading to a new one. How do I know everything was properly wiped before someone else got it? Will a factory reset be enough?”

Your phone contains sensitive data, including your credit card numbers, bank account details, passwords and private photos. You don’t want that information falling into the wrong hands. Just hitting delete or factory reset won’t cut it, as advanced data recovery software can still snoop on deleted files.

Game-changing ALEXA skills to brighten up your day-to-day work

To truly wipe your phone, you’ll need to do a factory reset, then wipe the data completely. This involves using specialized software to overwrite the phone’s storage space with random data multiple times, making it nearly impossible for anyone to retrieve the contents of your phone.

go Get iShredder for iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS.

For Android, you have more third-party options such as fragment editor and safety eraser.

maintain your technical knowledge

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