April 13, 2024

Ever send a photo to an acquaintance or someone you just met? Depending on the settings on your phone and camera, you may also be unintentionally sending where you live. Here’s what someone can see from the photo.

One of the great things about social media is that most platforms scrub this data. Still, they exposed you in other ways. Here’s how to check everything Facebook collects.

Your device and apps also know where you are, but you can block that.

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location, location, location

Your GPS application must know where you are in order to guide you to your destination. Your social media application wants to know where you are in order to serve you more relevant advertisements. You can fiddle with these settings if you want, but you have to be thorough.

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Let’s say you turned off location tracking on your phone, but didn’t do the same on your laptop. It defeats the purpose.

man holding iphone (Fox News Digital)

Let’s start with your device and account settings.


Your Google Account is linked to various apps and services and is a great place to start.

location history

Location History saves your location no matter where you take your smartphone. It’s off by default, but you might have turned it on and forgotten about it. no problem. Here’s how to turn it off:

  • log into your account or via Google Apps.
  • go data and privacy > location history.
  • click or tap close and confirm your choice.
  • While you’re at it, make sure autodelete is exist.

One last thing: Open Devices on this account to see a list of devices that save your or tap close Disable these devices.

location sharing

Location sharing allows you to share your location with the people you choose. You may be using this setup with someone you love, but check to be sure.

  • log into your account or via Google Apps.
  • go data and privacy > location sharing.
  • If you’re not sharing your location with anyone, there’s not much to do here.
  • Anyone who shares your location with you will be listed or tap stop next to the name to stop sharing.

Smartphone warning: Check these settings now on your iPhone or Android

Location Tracking on iPhone

There are two parts to Location Services: a global setting to stop sharing your location with Apple and individual settings for each app you have installed on your iPhone.

Apple iPhone Pro

An Apple employee holds one of the new iPhone Pros during a new product launch event at Apple Park in Cupertino, California, September 7, 2022. – Apple unveiled several new products, including the new iPhone 14 and 14 Pro, three Apple Watches, and a new AirPod Pro during the event. (BRITTANY HOSEA-SMALL/AFP via Getty Images)

  • go set up > Privacy and Security > location service.
  • From here, you can choose to switch leave Location services fully.
  • Alternatively, you can turn off location services for individual apps by scrolling down the list and tapping the app you want to change.

location sharing

Location sharing lets you share your location with family and friends in Messages, Finder, and other services. Make sure you know who is watching.

  • go set up > Privacy and Security > location service > share my location.
  • If you shared your location with anyone, you’ll see their name here.
  • change leave You can share my location if you like.

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Location Tracking on Android Phones

Choose to turn off location tracking entirely or fine-tune each app’s settings.

  • go set up > Place and switch leave utilized location.
  • If you left the setting open, scroll down and change the setting for each app by tapping it.

Location Sharing on Google Maps

You may already share your location with friends and family through Google Maps. Here’s how to check.

  • Open Google Maps app then click on your contour.
  • tap location sharing. If you don’t share your location with anyone, there’s nothing more to do.
  • If you shared your location with anyone, you’ll see their name on one contourThen stop For anyone you want to stop sharing with.

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Location settings on Windows

You can turn off Location Services completely on a Windows PC or for individual applications.

  • go start > set up > privacy > Place.
  • click Changethen switch leave The location of this device. This also prevents apps from knowing your location.
  • When Allow apps to access your location is toggled existscroll down and turn off each app’s settings.
apple computer

man typing on macbook (

Location Services on macOS

Here’s how to change your Mac’s location services:

  • go to apple menu > system settings > Privacy and Security > location service.
  • change leave location services.
  • Toggle location services if you want certain apps to know where you are exist or leave for each application in the list.

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