July 16, 2024

You’ve probably been working hard and never created a social media account of any kind. However, even if you never set up an account, Facebook may still have your information. Find out why this is possible and how to protect your information.

How does Facebook get my private information?

Whether you deleted your Facebook account years ago, or you never created an account at all, it’s still possible that Facebook has your email address, cell phone number, or landline number.The reason for this is because hidden accounts are called shadow configuration file. These profiles are created from data collected from various sources, such as Facebook user-uploaded contacts, websites with Facebook tracking pixels, and other third-party data providers.

So even if your friends share their own contact information on Facebook, Instagram, or Messenger, and you’re in their contacts, those apps’ parent company, Meta, may have your information.

Facebook’s algorithms use this information to create profiles for non-users, which may include details such as a person’s name, email address, phone number and other personal data. These profiles are created without the knowledge or consent of the individuals concerned. We reached out to Facebook’s parent company, Meta, for more information and offered the social media platform an opportunity to comment on the report, but had not heard back from them by the time of publication.

Below is information about how Facebook collects your personal information. (

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How does Facebook use the data it receives?

Facebook’s privacy policy explains in great detail what they do with the information they receive. According to their website, they use information obtained from other websites and applications in three main ways:

  • To provide our services to these websites or applications
  • Improve Facebook Safety and Security
  • Enhance our own products and services.

The company stresses that they do not sell people’s data. Even so, shadow profiles have been the subject of controversy and criticism due to privacy concerns. Critics argue that the creation of shadow profiles raises ethical questions about user consent and control over personal information. However, you can remove yourself from its database.


How do I delete my information?

If you are not currently or have never been a Facebook user, you can follow the steps below.

  • go to meta help page Where is the information for people not using meta products
  • Go to the titled How non-users can exercise their rights
  • there will be a link saying Click here,This will take you to a web page where you can ask Meta to delete your contact information.

Select the type of information you want to delete.choose one phone number , landline,or email addressthen hit Next .

  • enter your telephone number and / or email address get confirmation code
  • Select the platform (Facebook and Messenger or Instagram) to remove it from, or select all
  • click Next and enter the confirmation code on the next screen.beat Next the last time
  • If you find anything, click confirm delete data
  • beat closure On the next screen, or use the link to search for another number or email.

Is Facebook listening to you?

If you’re a Facebook user, follow the steps below to adjust your contacts settings.

  • log into your facebook account
  • click on your avatar
  • click Settings and Privacy
  • click set up
  • In the left sidebar, click privacy
  • under How people find and connect with you Reset all these settings says “just me”This way the public cannot see your information.

How do I stop uploading my contacts to Facebook?

  • log into your facebook account
  • click on your avatar
  • click Settings and Privacy
  • click set up
  • click upload contacts
  • Toggle Upload Contacts leave.

When this setting is turned off, Facebook will no longer upload your contacts to the app. Keep in mind that if you previously allowed Facebook to upload your contacts, you may need to manually delete the previously uploaded contacts.

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It’s important to understand how Facebook collects and uses personal information, even if you’ve never used the platform. Note that they can create hidden accounts known as shadow profiles, which are generated using data from various sources. While Facebook claims this data is used to improve and protect the user experience, creating shadow profiles raises privacy and consent concerns. By following the steps I provide, you can take control of your information and minimize your exposure to potential privacy risks.

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