February 27, 2024

A house surrounded by natural greenery is considered beautiful, but nature can also be dangerous in some cases. Many people make the mistake of planting trees too close to their houses to add beauty. If you are planning to plant trees inside or outside close to your house, you should not do this due to some reasons mentioned in this article.

Decaying Trees Can Damage the Walls of Your House

A tree that has been planted too close to your house’s walls can directly damage the walls. When it is raining, some water and moisture keep standing on the branches of decaying trees that can inject moisture into the walls of your house. It starts to damage the walls of your house by injecting dampness into the walls. The paint on the walls will also start chipping off due to consistent moisture.

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Trees Provide Habitat to Insects and Pests

Are you fed up buying insect sprays and still cannot get rid of pests and insects in your house? You can never prevent insects unless you eliminate the root cause of this problem. The trees near or inside your house are supposed to be a habitat for many insects and pests. It would be best to prevent insects and pests in your house by calling a tree clearing company that can provide tree removal services.

Mature Tree Can Weaken the Foundation of Your House

You can imagine how much older a tree could be that had been planted before your birth. Yes, some trees have a longer span of life, but during their lifespan, they keep spreading their roots inside the earth. Tree encroached on the roots in different directions. The foundation of your house becomes weaker due to these extended roots. You may not notice it, but in case of any natural hazard, such as an earthquake, your house can be badly damaged.

Extended Branches of Trees can Affect Life Expectancy of Roof 

If a tree becomes bigger enough to touch the rooftop of your house, you should never ignore it. The branches that touch the rooftop can damage the roof of your house by decreasing its life expectancy. The shingle of your roof can get quickly damaged by these extended branches. Moreover, due to any harsh climate, trees can cause dampness and damage the rooftop of your house.

Encroached Roots Can Block Sewerage System of your House

Not only mature trees but even the roots of a dead tree can get alive by taking enough water and moisture. You can get an idea of which area of your house has the most water and moisture stay. When a tree encroaches on its roots, the roots get more water in the sewerage line of your house and keep growing. It can cause a severe blockage in the sewerage line of your house. In such cases, you must bear a high repair cost and disturbance in your house.

It would be best if you bring some indoor plants to your house. You can also consider making a garden near your house to grow small plants that cannot turn into large trees to damage your house.

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