February 21, 2024

Specifications for AMD’s new Ryzen 8000-series chips appear to have leaked, giving us our first look at AMD’s “Granite Ridge” chips.

If the latest rumors are to be believed, we know we can expect to see a variety of Ryzen 8000 mobile CPU models ranging from 6 to 16 core counts, TDPs from 65W to 170W, and up to 64MB of L3 cache memory.The report comes from Master 3D The desktop variant was also revealed and it seems to come with similar specs like Zen 5 CCD (Eldora), Zen 5 CPU cores (Nirvana), 6 to 16 Zen 5 processor cores, 65W to 170W TDP, up to 64MB L3 cache , and 16MB L2 cache.

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