July 16, 2024

One possible conclusion to draw from these findings is that “the advantage someone gains from tenure in terms of job performance has now diminished because young people with ChatGPT can perform as well as people with a few years of work experience,” ChatGPT Chairman Azeem Azhar said. index view, a research group. If the research plays out in wider practice, it could lead some companies to invest more in entry-level workers while investing less in more expensive workers who work longer hours.

Some companies are already making staffing decisions based on the expected impact of AI tools. IBM recently said It is slowing or stopping hiring for certain back-office roles, such as human resources functions, that could be replaced by artificial intelligence in the next few years.

Speed ​​and productivity gains from AI will raise customer expectations, said Bivek Sharma, Chief Technology Officer, Global Tax and Legal Services, PwC. “Then it’s about making sure we can reskill the workforce fast enough and enable AI for them fast enough to meet the obvious needs that come with it,” he said.

PwC is working with Harvey, an AI start-up that creates tools for lawyers, to roll out the chat AI tool across its legal advice practice in the coming months. It also plans to extend such technology to its tax and HR experts.

In addition to using the firm’s expertise to quickly provide employees with answers, PwC aims to generate new insights, including eventual analysis of clients’ data, Mr Sharma said. For example, AI might obtain all the contracts of two companies considering merging and allow PwC experts to look up specific types of terms and risks.

“For us, it’s really an enhancement game rather than a time-saving game,” Mr Sharma said. “It’s almost like every one of our legal and tax advisors has a senior associate, adding to what they do for clients every day.”

Larger companies typically need to invest in AI-savvy technologists who can adapt the technology to their business. Already, “some companies have not been able to adopt ChatGPT because they simply don’t have the basic rails to run it, which is content curation and organized data,” Ms. Mousavizadeh said.

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