June 25, 2024

iPhone users who rely on Apple’s weather app may have some trouble planning what to wear on a Tuesday morning based on the weather.

That morning, Apple Weather was temporarily turned off, showing only the name of a city and no forecast — an apparent repeat of other outages over the past month.The glitch was especially frustrating for previous iPhone users who had used Dark Sky, a once-popular weather app that was shut down and folded into weather app Comes with your iPhone.

Apple did not immediately respond to a request for comment about Tuesday’s outage, but the app appeared to be back up and running by midmorning.

Users have reported that the widely relied upon Apple Weather app in iPhones is occasionally glitching.Credit…apple

When your phone’s weather app fails, there are other ways to get the forecast.

Instead of relying on one app that provides weather forecasts for all parts of the world, find one that’s centered around where you live. Many local news stations, such as Fox and some affiliates of NBC, have their own weather apps or news apps that feature weather. The local meteorologists behind these apps probably know your area well and can provide accurate forecasts.

If you’re looking for weather forecasts from around the world, consider the Weather Channel or AccuWeather apps. Both go beyond detailed predictions to provide insight into allergens in the predicted area.

If you live in an area that regularly experiences severe weather and you are tracking storms, radar oscilloscope Features detailed radar that reflects the strength of an incoming storm and its path. These detailed radars are available for a one-time sale of $9.99.

The National Weather Service provides nationwide weather forecasts on its website.Credit…National Weather Service

Many TV station weather experts regularly consult with the National Weather Service and might as well go straight to the source. The service’s forecasts are generally accurate and reliable.

The weather service doesn’t have an app, but its website can be accessed on mobile phones.For quick access, search for your local weather service office, then Add its webpage to your phone.

On an iPhone, you can tap the send button at the bottom of the screen, select “Add to Home Screen,” and tap “Add.” It creates what looks like an app on your phone screen, but it directs you to the weather service’s forecast page for your selected area. On Android devices, add web pages by tapping the menu button and clicking “Add to Home Screen.”

If you’re looking for a weather app with just the basics and no frills, consider real weather app Compatible with iPhone, iPad and MacBook. The app has a minimalist design, with fonts and images that look like they were hand-drawn.

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