February 29, 2024

Summer is here, and so is your chance for an outing. When the temperature increases and warms up, people like to go out on the beach, relax, play some volleyball and have some fun. To be outside means keeping your phone with your 24/7 because it is your everyday need. After all, who doesn’t want to capture photos while sunbathing or shoot a video while playing volleyball? You may also want to capture the surfers from your phone. If nothing, at least you play songs while sitting near the beach under the sun. When you go under the sun, what precautions do you take to prevent sun tanning? Uh Hello SP 50! Yes, you use sunscreen to avoid sun tanning and wear goggles to protect your eyes from the sun. Some people also wear hats to keep their heads protected from direct sunlight. It also gives a chic look. Are you making sure that your phone is getting equal protection as you are? Because after all, it is an electronic device that will get damaged if you don’t protect it from sunlight. If you don’t do anything, you just want to add certain things to your checklist. Tellfix is a phone repair store in Tampa that has offered a few tips to prevent your phone from getting hot in the scorching sun. Let’s work on these tips, shall we? 

Tips To Stop Your Phone From Overheating By Phone Repair Shop Tampa

  1. Avoid Direct Sunlight

The first thing you must do is keep your phone out of the sun. No matter where you are, on a beach or inside a car, you must want to protect the phone at all costs. Overheating is the mother of all problems. Many issues are associated with this. Overheating can cause the melting of tiny components inside your phone. Your smartphone catches the light and heat easily and stops working when it is extremely hot. Some people also have a habit they leave their phone inside a car during hot summer days. Your mobile phone can’t take the heat. Just protect it by hook or crook.

  1. Reduce the Brightness

Another thing that is responsible for overheating your phone is the high brightness. Too much brightness is neither good for your phone nor your eyes. It puts too much strain and pressure on the battery which highly affects it. Phone repair shop Tampa advises you to reduce the brightness when you are using your phone and try to keep your phone locked. You can also use an antiglare protector on your screen. It helps you see the screen clearly without having to turn on the brightness too much. 

  1. Utilise Official Chargers

Another reason that causes your mobile phone to overheat is the use of incompatible and fake chargers. You must have heard the experts from the electronic repair shop in Tampa advising you to use chargers that are particularly manufactured by the official company. If you are an iPhone user, you must use Apple. If you are a Samsung user, you must use a Samsung charger. Ensure that you are buying these chargers from the official stores or shops that are authentic, top-notch and reliable and sell original and genuine products. Another thing many people don’t understand is even if you are using an official charger, ensure that it is compatible with your model. If you are using an iPhone 6 and charging it with iPhone 14 charger that is high watts, you are damaging your battery and overheating it. Therefore ensure that the charger and cables are compatible.

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  1. Turn off Unused Apps

Individuals habitually download more than 50 apps out of which they use less than 30. Downloading too many apps not only takes up space in your phone storage but also overheats your phone. These apps might not be in your use, but they are still working in the background. You might have never even updated them and now they have become incompatible with your device. These apps are also responsible for the corrupted files and temps in your phone. That is why you must uninstall the unused apps from your phone immediately. For the apps that you use, ensure that you close them regularly. If the apps are not in use, swipe up from the bottom and clear all the apps opened in the background so they stop working and overheating your phone. 

  1. Take the protective casing off.

If you suspect that your phone is overheating, you must take the protective casing off and let your phone breathe. Sometimes we don’t realise that our cases are hard, and some of them are even made of leather. Leather absorbs heat faster than any other material. Therefore, the phone repair shop Tampa, suggests taking the casing off and letting it cool down for some time. When you charge your phone, the case must be off during that time. Smartphones are built with dissipating heat in mind, but protective cases hold the heat in them. 

If nothing sorts your problem out, take your phone to the professional at a phone repair shop in Tampa and get it fixed by them. 

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