February 21, 2024

You’re about to hear how Prime Video can make what you watch better by turning up the volume of what people are saying on TV. Companies around the world are always working to improve their accessibility features so more of us can enjoy their services, and Amazon is the latest business to cater to the needs of the hearing-impaired. Even if you have perfect hearing, you might consider using its new dialogue enhancement feature.

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What is Conversation Enhancement?

Dialogue Boost is a new feature introduced in Amazon Prime Video that allows you to choose the dialogue volume level to suit your listening needs on any device. The feature, initially rolling out to Amazon Original shows and movies worldwide, will help you hear dialogue better over background music and special effects happening on top of what you’re watching.

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Amazon Prime has a new feature for the hearing impaired. (Amazon)

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How does Dialogue Boost work?

Specifically designed for Dialogue Boost, the technology analyzes the audio in a movie or TV show and finds points where the dialogue might be hard to hear. It then isolates speech patterns and boosts the audio so conversations sound clearer.

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TV showing Amazon Prime

Amazon offers Dialogue Boost, which isolates and boosts audio that might be hard to hear. (Amazon)

It specifically focuses on certain parts of the dialogue that might be harder to hear, rather than generally amplifying the entire dialogue. The feature works whether you’re watching Prime on your phone, tablet, laptop or TV.

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How to activate Dialogue Boost?

After watching something on Prime Video, you can choose the level of Dialogue Boost you can choose English Conversation Improvement: Moderate and English Conversation Improvement: High.

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A person using Amazon on his mobile device.

Photo of a man activating Dialogue Boost on a tablet. (Amazon)

This feature is currently only available for Amazon Originals, e.g. jack ryan and The marvelous Mrs Maisel. However, it will be available for more games later this year. Here’s how to access the feature.

  • On the screen, hover over the subtitles and audio icons then click on it
  • Under Audio, choose if you want English Conversation Improvement: Moderate or English Conversation Improvement: High
  • Resume what you’re watching The function will start working automatically

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final thoughts

I think Amazon’s new Dialogue Boost feature on Prime Video is an important step in significantly improving accessibility for the hearing impaired. While currently only available on Amazon Originals, the feature is expected to expand to more titles in the future, demonstrating Amazon’s commitment to inclusivity on its service. I hope more companies follow Amazon’s example.

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