December 3, 2023

ChatGPT and Midjourney may be the frontrunners in the AI-powered chatbot and image creation revolution, but giants like Adobe won’t be far behind — the company behind Photoshop has previewed something that could completely democratize video editing new artificial intelligence tools.

In March, we saw the arrival of Adobe Firefly, the company’s new line of generative AI tools. Now Adobe has previewed exactly how Firefly will power its video, audio, animation, and motion graphics applications, which could include starter-friendly apps like Adobe Premiere Rush or Spark Video.

While these features are just a preview and not an upcoming update, it’s clear just how powerful these text-to-image tools will become. We’ve seen text-based editing come in handy in Premiere Pro, but these new tools look like they’ll be especially novice-friendly—in fact, in most cases, they could completely eliminate the need to learn complex video editing tools.

(Image source: Adobe)

For example, one example Adobe showed was text-to-color enhancements for videos. Enter a time of day, season, or color scheme for an existing video and it will apply the necessary edits. Even vague cues like “make this scene feel warm and inviting” work in Firefly-powered programs.

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