June 6, 2023 There are actually a number of types of blanket weed, otherwise known as string algae. These different sorts all look and behave almost identically. The most common kinds are Cladophora, Oedogonium and Spirogyra. The word ‘Cladophora’ means branched plant and it is easy to see why this term is used when the weed is viewed under a microscope. The branch like formation is very easily seen.

It comes as a surprise to people to know that blanket weed is actually quite beneficial to a pond. It actively absorbs nutrients and minerals from pond water much like a vegetable filter would do. The issue with blanket weed is that it doesn’t necessarily know its own place; and when to stop growing!

Main Factors

There are three main factors that provide the perfect environment in which blanket weed will thrive. The first of these is clear sunlit water. The sunlight is required to fuel the photosynthesis process. Blanket weed also requires lots of nutrients; it easily absorbs nitrates and phosphates as it develops. These can be gained from tap water and also through fish metabolism.

The final element that the algae needs is heat. A warm climate will considerably accelerate blanket weed growth, especially in shallower areas of water such as waterfalls along a ponds edge. Blanket weed will in fact stop growing throughout the winter, but will soon thrive again in the spring as temperatures recover.

Should I Short Sale My Home? The single biggest complaint homeowner has is knowing how the short sale process works, and if the short sale will stop the foreclosure process.

As a homeowner who is facing the scariest and worst market for selling a home in decades it is important to have a guide along the way that help you understand what will or will not happen when and if you get a buyer for your home. 

Home Owner

As a homeowner, it is reasonable to want to understand the tax laws to avoid capital gain or loss.  It is equally reasonable for a homeowner to want to be able to sell his or her home before the sheriff sale. 

As a homeowner, the short sale and the pending foreclosure can become overwhelming.  In order to make the short sale an easier process it is important to understand the process and the options and choices that the homeowners have during the process. 

Should I Short Sale My Home

There is an amazing new book “Should I Short Sale My Home.”  It covers nearly everything you need to know about the short sale process and the effects the sale has on your federal income taxes.

Imagine having knowing how to get your home sold before the sheriff’s sale.  Would that be nice?  And can you imagine how great you’ll feel to have a clear and precise package to present to the lender to get the home sold before it is foreclosed on. 


Just a few weeks from now you will understand what a short sale is and what happens if you are an insolvency homeowner who sold your home in a short sale.

Did you hear that sold your home in the short sale?  Some homeowners list his or her home and it does not sell before the foreclosure, and the homeowner does not understand why the home did not sell.

And it’s not like any book you may have read on short sale of home before foreclosure, the book gives you all of the recent changes to the law that helps the insolvent homeowner and helps the homeowner understand the process of the short sale.

What are the Technology Trends in Logistics – 2023? We are living in a digital world. Nowadays, each and everything has become technology based. Almost all fields are incorporated with technologies and all those technologies are on their way to be the extreme. Likewise, there are multiple advantages and technology developments are happening in freight forwarding industries too. Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and the Internet of things are playing the most significant role in every technology upgrade. They influence a lot of improvements in logistics industries. Let us have a look at some of them one by one. Before that,

Why is Logistics important?

Logistics is one of the most essential parts of supply chain management because it is required to transfer raw materials, goods and equipment to the manufacturer as well as the consumer.

Technology Trends in Logistics

1. BlockChain Technology:

Block chain is one of the greatest logistics applications which enables transparent service. To narrate clearly, it enables the people to have a transparent view on their orders by having tracking abilities and all. So that the customers can audit the movements of their parcels.

2. Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning:

AI and MI are the two eyes of recent technology developments in every field. They make the technology feasible to almost everyone who is experienced with the technology or new to it. By means of developing AI, we can reduce human errors and also we can make the work faster. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning offer visible results and they became the most useful tools to solve the complex issues in supply chain management.

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