May 27, 2024

UK passport holders can once again apply for the India e-tourist visa. UK citizens can now apply online at iVisa for their India tourist visa, which is a lot quicker than visiting an Indian Embassy or Consulate in the UK, or having to apply for a paper visa.

Read below about how to apply for your INDIAN VISA FOR CRUISE with us, and what documents you need to make your travel experience as easy and stress-free as possible

Is India offering the e-Visa again for UK Citizens?

The High Commission of India in London has informed that the India Electronic Visa (India e-Visa) is once again available for UK citizens. India will resume its e-visa service for citizens of the United Kingdom for the first time since the outbreak of COVID-19 in early 2020.

This is excellent news as UK citizens will now be able to rejoin family members or friends and even travel to India and celebrate the holiday season and its various colorful festivals. iVisa is overjoyed to announce that we are once again offering our services to assist you in the application for your India E Visa.

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Requirements to get an Indian e-Visa from the UK

Even though applying for an India Tourist Visa is relatively simple, and no long list of requirements applies to British citizens, there are a few of them you need to meet to be granted the e-Visa:

Trip purpose: The purpose of your trip under an India Tourist Visa must be related to tourism, visiting relatives or friends, conferences, short courses, workshops, yoga programs, or volunteering.

Passport: Your passport must be valid for at least six months from the date of arrival in India. Your passport must also have at least two blank pages for the immigration officer to stamp once you enter India. Copy of the last page of your passport (if applicable).

Applicant photo: A recent photo on a white background. If you don’t have one, you can use our iVisa photo service to get one.

E-mail address: Make sure it is valid since the e-Visa will be sent directly here.

e-Visa copy: keep a copy of the e-Visa on any of your electronic devices (mobile phone, laptop, tablet…), and print it out, to bring it to the airport upon INDIAN VISA FOR DENMARK CITIZENS arrival and show it to immigration officials. The eVisa will be stamped into your passport.

Credit or debit card

You must make sure the information on your passport or ID matches the information you enter in the application form.

British citizens and all other foreign nationals can stay a maximum of 180 days Per Entry in the country. Failure to abide by this rule may result in fines of between USD 300 and USD 500.

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How to get an Indian visa as a UK citizen?

It couldn’t be easier to apply for your Indian e-Visa online than with iVisa. The process is straightforward and takes around 10 minutes to complete. If you need help, our awesome support service will answer your questions anytime.

Step 1 – Applicants must complete the form online via our website. You will be asked to provide general information about yourself and choose the type of visa you want to apply for.

Step 2 – Verify the information you have already provided is correct and select the processing option that best suits your needs. Step 3 – Pay the service fee using a credit or debit card. Upload the required documents (passport photo and a photo scan of your passport).

Once you have completed these steps, please submit your application and relax while we process your visa! Wait for your e-Visa to arrive in your email within your chosen timeframe. With our super rush processing speed, customers have an average turnaround time of 17 hours for India e-tourist visas

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What visa must I get to visit India as a UK citizen?

There are 3 different types of tourist e Visas available for foreign nationals to enter India. According to the Government website, each visa has a minimum and a maximum time limit on when you can apply, but with iVisa you can apply as early as you like. If it’s outside of the 120-day window, we will hold the application and apply when the time is right.

We offer the following India eVisas:

30-Day Indian eVisa: This visa application will be processed as early as 30 days before your travel date. 1-Year Indian eVisa: You can apply for your e Tourist Visa when you like; it will be processed a maximum of 120 days before your intended date of arrival in India5-Year Indian eVisa: This visa will also be processed a maximum of 120 days before your intended date of arrival in India.

We also offer a Business e Visa and Medical Visa (e-Medical Attendant Visa); you’ll find information on those categories in separate articles.

Please note: All e-Visas are non-extendable and non-convertible.

The Government does not grant India Visas upon arrival.

What is the 5-Year Indian Visa for UK Citizens?

The 5-year Indian Visa for UK citizens is a Multiple Entry type visa that allows its holder to continuously stay in the country for up to 180 days in Total. This visa is generally issued within 96 hours, but applying at least seven days before the flight date is highly recommended.

How much does an Indian eVisa cost for UK Citizens?

The applicable e-Visa fees are as follows:

The 30-day e-Visa comes with a government fee of USD 27.50.

The 1-year e-Visa comes with a government fee of USD 43.00.

The 5-year e-Visa comes with a government fee of USD 84.05.

For each of the e-Visa types, we have three different pricing and processing options for you to choose from:

30-Day e-Visa:

Standard Processing: 5 days – USD $83.49

Rush Processing: 3 days – USD $137.49

Super Rush Processing: 36 hours – USD $204.49

1-Year e-Visa:

Standard Processing: 5 days – USD $98.99

Rush Processing: 3 days – USD $152.99

Super Rush Processing: 36 hours – USD $219.99

5-Year e-Visa:

Standard Processing: 5 days – USD $165.04

Rush Processing: 3 days – USD $216.04

Super Rush Processing: 36 hours – USD $300.04

Our processing fees include both our service fee and the aforementioned Government fees.

What else needs to be prepared before you visit India?

Covid restrictions are constantly changing for international travelers, so staying up to date is essential. Here are the latest requirements according to the government of India.

COVID-19 Vaccine

The Covid-19 vaccination is not mandatory to enter India. However, completing the primary vaccination series before your trip is strongly recommended. Please check with your local embassy or consulate for the latest information on travel requirements.

COVID-19 Test

There are no testing requirements to enter India.


There are currently no quarantine requirements in India. Since information may change quickly, we advise you to follow up on the latest travel updates and/or contact your local embassy.

Where can I find more information about the Indian Visa for UK Citizens?

If you have further questions about the Indian Visa for UK Citizens, our services, or our products, please contact our customer service team or write to We will be pleased to assist you at any time.

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