May 29, 2023

“I’ve also heard from many constituents in the region – some of whom have expressed concerns to me about public safety challenges – and I’m asking everyone to cooperate with police in their investigations, especially those who have access to surveillance video to help ,” Mr Dorsey said.

Mr Li, 43, was the chief product officer at cryptocurrency startup MobileCoin when he died. Joshua Goldbard, MobileCoin’s founder and chief executive, confirmed in an emailed statement that Mr. Lee had died on Tuesday, without giving a cause of death.

mr goldbard said on twitter Mr Lee is “like a brother to me” and has a “kaleidoscope” mind.

“Choose a topic and Bob will go with you and tell you all the ways he’s thought about the idea,” Mr. Goldbard said.

Condolences for Mr Li flooded social media platforms on Wednesday as news spread.

He is probably best known for his work on Cash App, which is now owned by Jack Dorsey’s company Block. Former Twitter CEO Mr Dorsey calls Mr Lee’s death ‘heartbreaking’ On the social media site Nostr“Bob was instrumental in Square and Cash App,” he wrote.

Dylan Field, CEO of design platform Figma, said: on twitter He first met Mr Li in 2006. “He didn’t care that I was 14 and we talked about tech/geek programming,” Mr Field said.

Bill Barhydt, CEO of digital financial platform Abra, tweeted Mr Lee “was a generous and decent man who should not have been killed.”

Startup investor Megan Quinn tweeted Mr Lee is “always encouraging, always upbeat”.

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