December 9, 2023
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Direct mail is a classic lead-generation tool that insurance agencies have been using for a long time. But is it still worth your money and time with so many other marketing strategies available? 

To help you decide if direct mail provides benefits, let’s look at some of the main issues associated with direct mail and the benefits and how you can get the best out of it. 

  1. More visibility than email marketing: 

Potential customers are already overwhelmed with an inbox full of emails, there’s a significant chance that they won’t read your email, regardless of how personalised and relevant it is. 

Direct mailing lists have much higher delivery and open rates than email campaigns. And 77% of people sort through their mail as soon as they receive it. 

Direct mail is tangible and hence inherently more visible than email communication. By sending it with the help of direct mail printing companies, you can get around email fatigue and get your message in front of a high-intent audience. 

  1. Targeted audience: 

Direct mail allows insurance companies to target customer groups with specific, tailored messages. You just need to identify which customers are more likely to receive your insurance products or services, you can streamline your marketing efforts and invest resources where you’re most likely to be successful. 

By promoting your services directly, you can use data to segment the audience by things such as location, household income, and buying habits. This habit will allow you to send messages to only relevant and high-intent customers which will help you save both time and money. 

  1. Establishes trust with customers: 

Customers often think company emails are spam or phishing scams so there’s chances they won’t open email or trust the content inside of it. 

90% of people of age 25-35 find direct mail reliable, meaning this marketing strategy is more likely to build trust with the audience than online marketing. 

What’s better is that a direct mail marketing company offers you opportunities to personalise your package and make it feel like more of a gift than another insurance sales offering. 

By putting your message in an exciting or visually appealing envelope you can encourage them to open it. And by including freebies with your package, you can promote your brand and keep it at the top of the prospects’ minds. 

By embracing direct marketing techniques, you can create personalized mail that will feel unique to customers. This personalization will make them believe you care for them and is attentive toward their desires which will make them more trusting and willing to make the action you want them to.  

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  1. It’s more cost-effective 

This type of marketing saves you money especially when you have direct mail campaign companies in place as they target high-intent customers instead of selling to everyone, which leads to a higher return on investment. 

What’s better than that you can also run mailing tests to identify what’s best working for you. You can find the best combination of design, offering, and audience before distributing it on a huge level. 

While the email may stay in mind for few seconds or for a while in mobile, a direct mail piece can be put on the fridge or left on a shelf for an extended period. There’s more chances audience will come back to a piece of direct mail than they are to an email. 

  1. More beneficial with other marketing strategies 

If you are engaging in multi-channel marketing strategies, direct marketing can help you reinforce your messaging efforts and convince your target customers to take an action. 

By sending direct mail after an email or vice versa, you can drive brand recall. It can help you generate a higher response rate for your emails if you send them out after a digital display ad. 

By using direct marketing or taking help from mailing companies in the USA for a multi-channel approach, you can speak to customers on multiple channels with a cohesive message. 

  1. Easy to implement 

Direct mail is easy for both customers and companies. Direct mail doesn’t need a significant investment in digital infrastructure or in-depth knowledge of tech. It’s also easy to measure the success of your campaign – be it counting the number of coupons the audience redeemed, landing page views or simply tracking each piece through the USPS informed visibility, ask your print and mailing services provider about their mail tracking capabilities. 

Having this information in hand will make it easy to update your marketing approach to target customers more efficiently. 

Direct mail is also easier for the audience. Studies show it’s easier for customers to accept the information in a direct mail piece than a digital ad. In fact, with direct mail, your finance brand and the call to action you mention in the campaign are 21% more effective. By taking advantage of direct mail, you can easily craft a message that recipients will understand and respond to. 

Direct Marketing for Your Next Campaign 

If you are an insurance agency that wants to succeed with your next direct mail campaign to attract leads or insurance sales, we have created this list for you. Here are four insurance-related direct mail tips to help you take benefit of these trends and drive a higher response rate. Consider implementing these direct mail insurance sales tips: 

  1. Personalised content for the several life chapters of your prospects. 
  2. Include personalised rates for the recipient. 
  3. Strategize to reduce the pain points your prospects face and offer solutions for specific problem. 
  4. Use affinity programs to attract more attention and encourage engagement. 

Final Words 

Direct mail can be a highly effective means of driving insurance sales and boosting engagements with prospect customers. However, to make sure you’re connecting with insurance prospects across multiple channels, we recommend having a mailing company in place as they help brands create strong marketing strategies through postcard marketing and other successful marketing strategies. 

If you want to boost direct mail insurance sales and insurance leads driven from your direct mail campaigns, implementing these strategies will improve your mail metrics. Partnering with direct mail printing and mailing services is a simple way to connect with high-quality leads who are actively looking for insurance products and requesting a quote. 

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