February 21, 2024

Not all matching vacation home listings on popular vacation home sites like Airbnb and Vrbo are created equal. The same short-term rental may be more expensive on one site than another.

Expensive fees are often added to the price you see, and the real price only becomes apparent when you see the final booking confirmation page. Now, there’s a solution for getting the best vacation deals on the same rental property.

There is also a great tool that you may not know about that can help you compare prices and guarantee you the property you like at the lowest possible cost. We have all the information you need.

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What tools can I use to compare prices?

The tool is called hi chi This is a website specifically designed to help you check your vacation rental booking options. The site compares prices from Airbnb, Vrbo, and, as all of these sites tend to have the same properties but list them at different prices, even if you’re looking at the same dates. HiChee will help you save money by showing you the best prices and best places to book for each property.

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A picture of the HiChee homepage where you can find and compare rental prices. (

The site also has a Magic Search feature that you can use to find better deals on rental properties using property pictures. It can even take you directly to the property manager’s website (if they have one), and you can book directly through them instead of through Airbnb or Vrbo, which could end up saving you hundreds or thousands of dollars. You also have the option to get direct alerts from HiChee after a host posts, and you can book directly.

Plus, there’s a True Nightly Rate feature, which will tell you what you’re paying each night for your rental property, including taxes.

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How do I start using HiChee?

  • looking for a rental You want to book through Airbnb, Vrbo or
  • copy Link to rent.
  • go HiChee’s homepage and paste link Go to the “Search” tab.
  • You will be automatically directed to a page Prices listed on all sites Compare. HiChee will provide you with direct links to these sites to complete your reservation.
Use HiChee to compare booking options and prices.

Use HiChee to compare booking options and prices. (

  • You can also click magic search Under the picture of the rental property See if the property manager has a lower price on their website.
Use the Magic Search option to see possible lower prices.

Use the Magic Search option to see possible lower prices. (

Have you started using HiChee to compare property rents? Let us know what you think of the site.

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