April 22, 2024

Microsoft is now rolling out new File Explorer features with Insider Preview Build 23403 Windows 11 The focus is on streamlining work.

One of the more interesting features of this package is that file recommendation (opens in a new tab). As the name suggests, File Explorer will start suggesting which files you should have open on the Home tab. Microsoft seems to have created this tool for business-focused users, at least initially. The tool will only recommend cloud files associated with a specific account, “either owned by the user or shared with the user.” You must also be logged into your Azure Active Directory account, or it won’t work. Additionally, the company is limiting the number of people who can try out File Recommendations at this time. Microsoft says it wants to keep a close eye on feedback “before pushing it out to everyone.”

Less restrictive are File Explorer’s new access keys.They are simple one-click shortcuts for “quick [executing] an order. For example, pressing the “O” key opens a file, while pressing the “B” key sets it as the desktop background. To use this feature, you must first click on a file in File Explorer, then press the menu key on your keyboard to bring up the access key. If you don’t have a menu key, pressing the Shift and F10 keys simultaneously will do the same thing.

File Recommendations on File Explorer (Image source: Microsoft)

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