May 29, 2023

Let’s try some basic steps first.

This article is useful if Microsoft Outlook does not connect to the server on your Windows 11/10 system. Microsoft Outlook is the most powerful information management tool for sending and receiving e-mail. Some users have trouble connecting to the server using Outlook after upgrading the software to a newer version. As a result, users will not be able to send, receive updates or download new emails. If you face the same problem, you can follow the troubleshooting instructions to resolve the issue.

Make sure the date, time, and time zone on your computer are correct. 

Go to the clock in the lower left corner and make sure everything is fine. Otherwise, you can adjust it by pressing the clock and changing the date and time settings.

Then check your Outlook account settings. Go to Tools> Account Settings. Double-click on your email account and make sure all settings are correct. The important thing is to configure incoming and outgoing mail servers. This should match what your email provider offers.

If nothing happens, there may be a problem preventing you from connecting to the Outlook server. Temporarily close these programs and see if they resolve the issue.

Check your internet connection.

Instead of worrying about troubleshooting with technical solutions, take the first step and check your internet connection and speed.

Most problems can be solved by a stable internet connection. So follow the steps below to make sure you are connected to the Internet.

Start your browser, type “Internet Speed Test”, then click “Run Speed Test” and follow the instructions to run the test. The test shows the speed test results.

If you can not set the correct speed, contact your ISP and try to speed up your internet connection.

For more information on troubleshooting Outlook unconnected servers, visit

Restore Outlook data files

Unable to connect to Outlook network server. The program stores data and information in separate files. Save the template in Outlook, which you can use for the service. In this case, delete the data file. This will cause Outlook to detect the data loss and try to recover it from scratch. Corruption can also be prevented.

Step 1: First enable the “Accounts” option in Outlook. In that aspect.

Step 2: Click the Data Files tab and select the problem email account. Then click Open File Location.

Step 3. You can rename the file or move it to another location.

Finish 4. Then restart Outlook and try to recreate the data file. Outlook Account Recovery

If the Outlook server fails to resolve the issue, you can try to recover your Outlook account.

An Outlook account is information associated with a server or email address that you have added to Outlook. It can affect your configuration and cause problems similar to what you are experiencing. Changing your Outlook account can solve this problem. So you can try the steps below.

Step 1. Open Outlook.

Step 2: Select “File” and click “File”> “About”> “Social Accounts and Settings”> “Account Settings”.

Go to Step 3, select an account, and click the Restore button.

Step 4: You will be asked to enter your account information. You need to enter your account details or verify the information. To avoid errors caused by incorrect passwords, it is advisable to delete your password before logging in.

Step 5: Click the “Next” button. It allows Outlook to automatically connect to the server and detect any issues.

Make sure Outlook is running

How can I check if Outlook is working properly? The various view indicators start from the Outlook status bar in the lower right corner. If you receive an “Offline” or “Disconnect” error message, you are not connected to the Outlook server.

Follow these steps to switch from offline mode to online mode in Outlook.

Open Outlook.

Click Send / Receive

Please check your internet connection.

If your Internet connection is lost, Outlook will not be able to connect to your e-mail server, and any program that uses an Internet connection will stop working.

A quick way to check if your browser connection is working is to open an internet browser such as Google on your device. This shows that your relationship is active.

If the site doesn’t load, there may be a connection problem and you should either fix it yourself or contact your Internet Service Provider.

Improve Outlook by disabling offline mode

Outlook has an offline mode that lets you access your email when you’re not connected to the Internet. This can prevent programs from connecting to your e-mail server.

In this case, turning Offline off brings Outlook back online.

Repair your Outlook email account to fix server errors

If you have problems with your Outlook email accounts and the program crashes, luckily Outlook has a recovery tool that you can use to recover email accounts that you have imported into the program.

To send and receive an e-mail, you need to connect to an Outlook Exchange server. But don’t worry, you may experience problems connecting to the Outlook Experience server. ! If an error occurs, Outlook cannot connect to the server. Read on for more information on how to fix this issue.

How to fix the “Outlook code could not connect to the server” error.

Here are some surefire ways to fix the issue that the Outlook server won’t connect to your Windows PC for some reason.

We hope this video clears up your issue with your subscription audio service, but if not, don’t worry. Here is the solution.

Make sure your account details or Exchange server name are correct. If it is incorrect, Outlook will not be able to connect to the server. I have a problem when I run this program. To verify your Outlook account, follow these steps:

You may receive an error message that your PST file is corrupted and cannot connect to your Outlook server. In such cases, just repair the PST file. Luckily, solutions like WonderShare Repair for Email are very helpful in repairing corrupted PST files and restoring data to new PST files. 

What else to do Validation data can be saved in PST or other formats.

If the recovery process was successful, you can view the recovered Outlook mailbox information during the recovery. Choose what to save. Click the Save button to permanently save the PST file to your computer.

Ask your technician or lady and start with what they recommend first. When you turn on your computer, various things are going on in the background, each process having temporary problems and Outlook crashing. You will not be able to connect to the Internet.

A reboot is highly recommended as it will remove all processes and fix most related issues.

authenticate the user

Most of us want the simplest solution, in which case the information may be wrong. Especially if you’re just starting. You may have entered the wrong username or password.

Make sure your internet connection is working, as a poor internet connection can cause problems connecting to the Outlook server. Open a browser with your internet browser and make sure the page is fine. If websites don’t open or load slowly, try restarting your Wi-Fi router and then restarting. 

Make sure Outlook can successfully connect to the server

If you keep getting an error that Outlook can’t connect to the server, make sure your computer is connected to the Internet. This may seem simple, but many times we see unauthorized internet connections. So perhaps router and adapter issues are being overlooked.

Open another program, such as a browser. Checking if your computer is connected to the internet or restarting your computer and router should resolve internet connectivity issues.

The point here is that Outlook generally needs a stable internet connection to function.

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