March 20, 2023

Rep. Don Bair thinks artificial intelligence is “the most amazing technology since fires.” So what does it mean that most of Congress doesn’t seem to understand? Then, our colleague David McCabe discussed a bill that could significantly expand the Biden administration’s powers to ban TikTok.

Plus: What can video game character Waluigi tell us about AI chatbots getting out of control?

“Hard Fork” by Kevin Ross and Casey Newton, produced by Davis Land. The show was edited by Paula Szuchman and Jen Poyant.Designed by Alyssa Moxley with original music by Dan Powell, Elisha Baytop, Marion Lozano, Sophia Lanman and Rowan Niemisto. Fact checking by Caitlin Love.

Special thanks to Paula Szuchman, Pui-Wing Tam, Nell Gallogly, Kate LoPresti, and Jeffrey Miranda.

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