April 13, 2024

A criminal website called BidenCash, which trades stolen data using the president’s name and likeness, just leaked 2,165,700 credit and debit cards online.

In a brazen year-long celebration of the first anniversary of operating an illicit marketplace where it trades stolen data and financial credentials such as credit cards, it unveiled its massive leak on an underground cybercrime forum.

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The operators of BidenCash have caused significant harm to the millions of victims whose personal and financial information was compromised.

BidenCash publishes screenshots of major credit card breach. (

Massive credit card data breach detected

BidenCash apparently used free stolen data dumps to attract attention for marketing purposes, and even used an image of President Biden as its brand identity, as discovered by the Cyble researchers who detected the data breach.

How to check if you haven’t accidentally shared your location

The criminals disclosed the details of 740,858 credit cards, 811,676 debit cards and 293 charge cards. A data dump disaster includes some full names, expiration dates, CCVs, and unique email addresses.

“Fullz” is what cybercriminals call full information scraping

Cybercriminals will use this rich data scraping to carry out additional attacks on you.they use a term called “Fultz” In underground online forums and darknet markets, cybercriminals buy and sell stolen personal information. “Fultz” Refers to a complete, comprehensive set of personal information belonging to an unsuspecting victim.

This information is often used by cybercriminals for fraudulent activities such as identity theft, credit card fraud, and other types of financial fraud. “Fultz” Usually includes:

  • individual’s full name
  • date of birth
  • social Security number
  • address
  • telephone number
  • email address
  • bank account details
  • credit card information
  • Other Personally Identifiable Information.

Cybercriminals can use this information to impersonate you, open fraudulent accounts in your name, and make unauthorized transactions.

These credit cards contain valid numbers

An organization called D3Lab, whose goal is to keep you safe, is able to verify about 30% of random samples stolen card What the scammers are exposing are valid, fresh, valid credit card numbers.

The fifth largest group of scammers on the Internet

These are not amateurs. While it’s unclear how the BidenCash crime site acquired such a large number of active debit and credit cards, it is one of the most threatening data underground businesses in the world.

Americans target the most

When you consider these old numbers that may no longer be active, the vast majority of this massive database are from US victims. If you have been affected by a breach, you must take immediate steps to protect yourself from the potential consequences of identity theft and fraud.

4 Ways to Protect Yourself

1. First, check your credit card activity. The best way to monitor your credit card is to download the credit card company’s app from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

2. Sign up for credit card alerts. Most banking and credit card apps provide notifications and alerts for suspected fraud.

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3. Install strong antivirus protection. One way to significantly reduce your exposure to cybercriminals is to use good antivirus protection across all your devices. This protection is best suited to root out attempts to infiltrate your personal data and privacy, stopping hackers from committing crimes. I’ve broken down the top antivirus protection for Mac, PC, iOS, and Android devices.Our first choice is Total AVwhich protects you from phishing scams, ransomware, and many other malicious activities. Limited time offer for CyberGuy readers: $19 (80% off) for the first year.

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Free Antivirus Software: Should You Use It?

Go here to learn about the best ways to keep technology safe.

Go here to learn about the best ways to keep technology safe. (

4. Sign up for identity theft protection. A company like my first choice, identity guard, which monitors your social security number and alerts you if it’s being sold on the dark web or used to open an account. They can also assist you in freezing your bank and credit card accounts to prevent further unauthorized use by criminals. The quicker you know, the quicker you can undo the damage.

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You Won’t Believe How Much Money Hackers Made From Stealing Your Data

Here's how to prevent becoming a victim of identity theft.

Here’s how to prevent becoming a victim of identity theft. (

This latest breach is a stark reminder of the ongoing threat posed by cybercriminals and how important it is for you to implement strong cybersecurity measures if you haven’t already.

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