March 20, 2023

The iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus appear to be getting a new yellow color option soon, along with the current blue, purple, midnight (black), starlight (cream) and red colors – which Apple hopes may boost both iPhones. The phone sold cheaper iPhone 14 models.

This comes from a source on a Chinese social media network Weibo (opens in a new tab) pass Mike Otakara (opens in a new tab) and mike rumors (opens in a new tab). While the original whistleblower doesn’t have much of a track record, MacRumors does — it says it heard that Apple plans to hold a product event next week.

While we can’t be certain of any rumors or leaks until it’s actually confirmed, Apple is adding new iPhone colors this time of year in the form of green for the iPhone 13 last year and purple for the iPhone 12 the year before.

Yellow could be the sixth color for the iPhone 14 (Image source: Apple)

all yellow

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