June 14, 2024

Many of us microchip our dogs as soon as we get them so that if they get lost, we have a better chance of being reunited with them. It was quick and easy to identify and gave us peace of mind.

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Well, now, some of your countrymen have also opted for chips so that they can have more convenience in paying for things, opening doors, etc.

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For convenience, some people choose to be microchipped like their pets. (

Can humans really be safely implanted with microchips?

We can certainly have microchips implanted in our bodies, such as radio frequency identification or RFID implants, for identification and tracking purposes.

However, before deciding to implant a microchip yourself, it is important to remember that microchipping is a potentially risky medical procedure that should only be performed in a sterile environment by qualified professionals.

In addition, the use of microchip implants raises ethical and privacy concerns as it involves the collection and storage of personal information which may be accessed without your consent.

Who is getting these microchips?

The first time a microchip was implanted in a human was in 1998. Since then, the technology has become commercially available, with a UK-based company called Walletmor saying it became the first to sell it.

A Las Vegas woman named Burgundy Waller, who went viral on TikTok, claims her husband implanted a chip in her hand. instagram because of it.

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Burgundy Waller, who claims her husband microchipped her, has become a viral content creator on TikTok and Instagram in Las Vegas.

Burgundy Waller, who claims her husband microchipped her, has become a viral content creator on TikTok and Instagram in Las Vegas. (@chipgirlhe)

She posted about how she was able to unlock her home’s doors and open drawers, closets and pantries with her hands.

She even claims that her husband has built a more advanced chip that can bring up any website or app he chooses just by holding it close to the iPhone.

Can Microchips Really Track People?

It’s understandable why you might worry about microchips being able to track people, since they use the same technology we already use in our cell phones and credit cards.

However, microchips are not GPS devices and cannot track the location of animals or humans in real time. They contain a unique ID number and when found, the microchip can be scanned to retrieve the owner’s contact information from a database.

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Here's what to know about humans being microchipped.

Here’s what to know about humans being microchipped. (

The main concern is how advanced these microchips will become soon. Waller’s husband has allegedly demonstrated that he can use the chip he created to store all kinds of information, including social media accounts.

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If he can do that, there’s no reason why the chips shouldn’t be programmed to track your every move once implanted. It raises the question of how far we are really willing to go for more ease and convenience.

What do you think about humans being microchipped? We’d love to hear your thoughts.

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