February 21, 2024

It’s no secret that autonomous driving is fast becoming the way of the future. Amazon recently took the first test drive of a Zoox robotaxi and it was such a success that many are wondering if this will become the norm going forward.

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As part of the 2023 International CES conference in January, the Indy Self-Driving Challenge returned to the field, showcasing some of the world’s fastest self-driving cars.

Pushing the Boundaries of Head-to-Head AI Racing

The Indy Autonomous Challenge is a competition to push the boundaries of autonomous driving competition and showcase the future of autonomous driving at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

Nine teams from 17 universities in six different countries competed to break the world record for self-driving cars. In the end, the PoliMOVE team from Politecnico di Milano won the overall championship.

1 AC Racing. (Indy Autonomous Challenge)

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PoliMOVE reached a top speed of 180 mph, a new world record for autonomous speed on a track. The Indy Autonomous Challenge hopes to continue to provide a platform for students who wish to excel in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. The Autonomous Racing Group wants to “enhance the safety and performance of motorsport and all modes of commercial transportation.”

What are the benefits of autonomous driving?

Proponents have laid out a list of benefits of self-driving, which explains why they have been embraced so quickly. One benefit is that they are a huge help to the environment.

Many vehicles have been specifically designed to improve environmental sustainability, and one model called the Aero even has a high-efficiency particulate-absorbing filter that removes pollutants from the air while driving.

Zoox cars on the street.

Zoox cars on the street. (zoo)

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Another huge benefit is that it can help the shipping industry as they don’t have to rely on human drivers for certain shifts. Self-driving cars can work 24/7 while being monitored by teams thousands of miles away. In addition, phasing out heavy-duty road freight vehicles that run on diesel would also greatly improve the environment.

There are even benefits when it comes to race car driving. The sport has always been a dangerous one for drivers behind the wheel.

However, self-driving cars will allow racing fans to still enjoy the sport, as these cars can potentially drive faster, better and safer than any professional human driver. Those professional drivers can still use the software to control their cars during the race.

Will this take away jobs from human drivers?

Although we may see fewer human-driven jobs in the future, humans will still be required to monitor and control these self-driving cars. This could ultimately lead to more job opportunities for people in the STEM world, which refers to the four educational disciplines: science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Tractor trailer on the road.

Tractor trailer on the road. (


It could also encourage more young people to take an interest in the field, such as those working on the Indy Autonomous Challenge.

So, yes, AI cars will likely replace human drivers. I can’t imagine enjoying a trip to the track without some of the racing stars we know and love.

Check out our story on Amazon’s first self-driving car by going to and typing in “Amazon’s self-driving car” by clicking the magnifying glass at the top.

How do you see self-driving cars replacing human drivers? We want to know your thoughts.

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