December 3, 2023

“It’s great that brand new furniture is going to landfill,” she said.

So she created Reseat to help businesses liquidate furniture. The company uses an inventory management system that tracks the “lifecycle” of items, so specifications for furniture can be shared quickly, making it easier to sell items. Given enough time, sellers can expect their furniture to sell for as little as 20 cents, she said. Reseat has 14 employees, works with more than 100 companies and has sold over 8 million pounds of furniture.

“Our aim is to sell it as is,” Ms Sussevitz said. “Once it ends up in a warehouse, it loses its value and ends up collecting dust.”

Last December, Reseat was hired to clean out more than 900 workstations, 96 office chairs, 40 workbenches, 24 couches and 84 filing cabinets at an office in Santa Clara, California. Analog Devices, the semiconductor company that moved out, has barely used its space during the pandemic. But Pure Storage, the data storage company that moved in, didn’t want those things. Reseat has only four weeks to sell the items.

“It ate my heart out,” Ms Sussevitz said. She added it was a “miracle” that she found a buyer in time.

Pure Storage says it’s reusing “a significant amount” of Analog Devices furniture, including tables, chairs and conference room items, but it plans to install existing desks “to better accommodate Pure’s employees in a more open office environment.” How it works.” An Analog Devices representative declined to comment.

Ms. Susewitz was excited about Sitecore’s furniture because the company had contacted Reseat months before the move, allowing them to easily find a home for their goods. At Sitecore’s office, she shows how to identify the size of an Aeron chair. Each has a hidden set of plastic bumps on the back. Two bumps indicate the most common size, the “B”.

Sixteen B-dimensions surround a wooden conference table that Sitecore built using lumber from a boathouse in Sausalito, California. In the center, a basin filled with Lego bricks is flanked by the universal symbols of the pandemic: a bottle of Purell and a pack of Clorox wipes.

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