May 22, 2024

AI images can now be generated quickly on Android phones. In a recent demo video, Qualcomm was able to generate a 512 x 512 pixel image of a cat in armor using AI-image-generator Stable Diffusion version 1.5 on an Android phone. What’s more, it finished in just under 14.42 seconds, which is pretty close to what a PC can do with the technology.

To achieve this, the company’s engineers used a tool called “QuantifyWithout delving into it here, they basically took the desktop version of Stable Diffusion, scaled it down, and optimized it for mobile. According to Qualcomm, the process “improved performance [while] return [saving] By allowing the model to “operate more efficiently thus”[consuming] Less memory bandwidth. ”

It’s unclear what mobile device was used in the demo.However, we do know that it is powered by the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 mobile platform, which is the same as the Samsung Galaxy S23. It is worth mentioning that Other developers have managed to make Stable Diffusion exist Sony Xperia 5 II, but it takes about an hour to generate the image on that phone due to weak hardware. The main takeaway from what Qualcomm has achieved is its speed and what it means for users in the future.

The resulting stabilized diffuse image says: “Super cute furry cat warrior in armor, realistic, 4K, super detailed, vray rendering, unreal engine.” (Image source: Qualcomm)

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