May 27, 2024

Apple has announced that it will be releasing a new set of 31 different emoji with its iOS 16.4 update expected to arrive sometime in the spring.

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Republicans have been able to use the elephant emoji to salute their party on social media and in text messages since 2015, while Democrats have waited eight years to finally do it, as one of the newly released emoji will be a donkey.

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Donkey emoji on the new Apple iOS. (

Who decides what emoji to make?

If you’re wondering why it took so many years for the donkey emoji to become a reality, the decision was made by an information technology standard called Unicode.

The nonprofit has what it calls the Unicode Emoji Subcommittee, and they have selection criteria that must be followed when choosing new emoji. Essentially, the way they choose comes down to three main factors:

  • Does the image work at the small size of commonly used emoji?
  • Does the emoji add to what can be expressed using an emoji, or can an existing emoji be used to express the idea?
  • Is there substantial evidence that many people are likely to use this new emoji?

Over the years, the committee has also considered inclusion factors such as race, gender and sexual orientation. Back when emoji first appeared, all human emoji had almost one skin tone (white), all couple emoji only showed straight couples, and all single emoji usually only had limited hairstyles.

Today, you can find emojis of almost any skin tone, same-sex couples, and emojis with long or short hair or even bald heads. Some Democrats took to social media to ask why a donkey emoji had never been created for the Democrats in the past, so it looks like Unicode has finally caved in.

What other new emojis are coming soon?

Here’s the full list of 31 new emoji that Apple will release.

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Here are the new emoji coming soon.

Here are the new emoji coming soon.

Credit: Emoji

  • shake face
  • pink heart
  • light blue heart
  • discouraged
  • donkey
  • moose
  • Goose
  • wing
  • jellyfish
  • hyacinth
  • pea pods
  • ginger
  • folding fan
  • hairpin
  • flute
  • Maracas
  • Kanda
  • wireless
  • right pusher
  • left pusher
  • black bird
  • pushing hand right: light skin tone
  • pushing hand right: medium-light skin tone
  • pushing hand right: medium skin tone
  • pushing hand right: medium-dark skin tone
  • pushing hand right: dark skin tone
  • pushing hand left: light skin tone
  • pushing hand left: medium-light skin tone
  • pushing hand left: medium skin tone
  • pushing hand left: medium-dark skin tone
  • pushing hand left: dark skin tone

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What emoji would you like to create? Let us know what you think.

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