April 24, 2024

Tesla is recalling more than 362,000 vehicles equipped with its Full Self-Driving driver assistance system after government regulators found it increased the risk of accidents.

In a document released Thursday, NHTSA said the company’s technology can steer, accelerate, brake and change lanes on its own, allowing vehicles to speed and pass through intersections in an “illegal or unpredictable manner.” its website.

The safety agency’s tests and analysis showed that system components driving cars on city streets could “create an unreasonable risk to motor vehicle safety through inadequate compliance with traffic safety laws.” The agency said Tesla was not aware of any injuries or fatalities resulting from the flaws the agency found.

The safety agency noted that the recall only addresses its set of concerns about Full Self-Driving, and that it is continuing to investigate Tesla’s system, called Autopilot, and less advanced technology.

Despite their different names, neither system can drive the car on its own, and Tesla tells owners to be ready to take control of the car when the system is in use. It also instructs them to keep their hands on the steering wheel and keep their eyes on the road.

Tesla agreed to the recall and plans to fix the defect with an over-the-air update to the affected vehicles, which includes all four models it sells, according to a letter posted on the agency’s website. The automaker intends to notify owners of recalled vehicles by mail no later than April 15.

The safety agency said Tesla disagreed with the regulator’s analysis but that the company agreed to the voluntary recall “out of an abundance of caution.”

The agency is investigating 41 accidents since 2016 involving Tesla vehicles using the company’s advanced driver assistance system, 14 of which killed a total of 19 people.

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