May 27, 2024

Many times, I think Siri just doesn’t understand me. This could be true and not her fault.

As it turns out, I may not have been asking Siri the right questions to make my life easier until I learned these shortcuts. Putting these five Siri tips into practice will make you wish you knew these secret Siri commands a long time ago.

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Let’s start with the obvious question, which I never thought to ask Siri. Now keep in mind that what I’m about to share requires you to have your iPhone and iPad updated to the latest iOS software in order to work effectively.

Try these tips to get the most out of Siri on your iPhone or iPad. (Kurt Knudsen)

5. Hey Siri, look up from [insert name]

Searching for email is never easy unless it arrived within the last hour. Now it’s easy to put your finger out of search and ask your iPhone or iPad what’s next. “Hey Siri, look for emails from ___.” You might be pleasantly surprised how quickly this voice search can suddenly pinpoint exactly the email you’re looking for.


4. Hey Siri, restart my iPhone

You told me that your iPhone has a problem with _____. I answer you by asking if you have tried tweaking this or that. You said yes, you’ve tried this and that. My next line is predictable. The next thing you need to do is restart your phone and see if that fixes the problem. Before this Siri command, you have to deep-press and long-press different buttons, usually at the same time, depending on your iPhone model. Now, give your fingers a break and simply say, “Hey Siri, restart my iPhone. ” Chances are everything will work fine when you restart your iPhone.

3. Hey Siri, share this photo with [insert name]

You just snapped an amazing photo like this historic Brooklyn Bridge at night. The shimmering moon in the shot forces you to want to share with other people how cool this is. Now, when you’re looking at a photo on your iPhone, all you have to do is say, “Hey Siri, share this photo with _____.” The same Siri trick works for sharing other content, like songs, videos, locations on maps, and web pages.


2. Hey Siri, turn on the flashlight

Siri commands in the dark and what could be better. Say the words to have your iPhone illuminate the nearby area. Commands like “Hey Siri, turn off the flashlight“Also works. For Harry Potter fans, a similar voodoo magic says, “Hey Siri, Lumoswhich is the same spell as making the wand light up. To reverse the spell, just say “Hey Siri, Nox“Turn off the flashlight.

You can use Siri to turn on your iPhone's flashlight.

You can use Siri to turn on your iPhone’s flashlight. (Kurt Knudsen)

1. Hey Siri add a stop for Dairy Queen

When following directions on Apple Maps, that’s how to ask for a quick stop along the way. Let’s say it’s ice cream, a fast food restaurant, or a gas station. All you do on the road is say, “Hey Siri, add a stop to ______. Instead of canceling your current navigation, Siri will add a stop to get to the next stop you want. Why you wouldn’t want to make a quick stop and enjoy my mom’s favorite way to quench her sweet tooth in a DQ blizzard ?!

Siri is especially useful when using Apple Maps.

Siri is especially useful when using Apple Maps. (Kurt Knudsen)

Which Siri shortcut do you find most helpful? let us know. We’d love to hear from you.

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