February 21, 2024

Old radios and televisions made by a former electronics giant are on display in a city that was once one of its biggest employers.

Pie is Established in a garden shed in Cambridge in 1896 Invented and built scientific instrument by William George Pye.

It moved to larger premises and in 1922 began making receivers for teaching students the basics of radio – just before the BBC started daily broadcasts in November 1924.

By the 1930s, says collector Mike Kemp, “half the homes in the country had radios.”

The company quickly became one of Cambridge’s largest employers.

After World War II, Pye began manufacturing televisions and television equipment, turntables, and had his own record label, signing artists including Lonnie Donegan, The Kinks, and Status Quo.

Held at the Cambridge Science and Technology Museum, this exhibition features radio equipment from the early days of radio from 1922 to 1932.

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