March 20, 2023

I share tons of tips for protecting your online privacy. If you haven’t already, take this 30-second quick check to keep your Google and Facebook accounts safe.

What about when you leave your home? Almost everywhere you go, you are being watched.

Not all cameras are outdoors, either. I once found a dozen or so cameras in an Airbnb I rented. Here are my top tips for spotting hidden cameras in a rental, new apartment, home, or hotel room. But now we have drones to deal with.

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I spy the drones in the sky with my eyes

I was swimming in the backyard pool the other day and heard the familiar hum. Sure enough, a drone was circling overhead, and with a wave of my hand, it disappeared in no time. That’s how I write this article.

The legality of drone surveillance varies by country and state, but if a drone is flying over your private property and videotaping you without your consent, call the police. This is an invasion of your privacy.

An Airspace Systems Interceptor autonomous aerial drone flies during a product demonstration in Castro Valley, California, March 6, 2017.

It’s hard to know who owns a drone. In my case, it flew out of my sight within seconds. If my iPhone is within arm’s reach, I’ll snap a photo of the drone. Some drones have a visible registration number, usually in case the owner doesn’t see it.

Israeli Police Thwart Drone Assassination Attempt Over Gangland HIT

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) maintains a database of drone owners who have registered their drones with the FAA. To search the FAA drone owner database, you need the drone’s registration number.where is this going Search the FAA Drone Owner Database.

Things You Should Never Do to a Drone

There are effective and perfectly legal ways to avoid surveillance. There are also ways that are illegal for private citizens.

The FAA legally protects drones from:

  • Shooting: Shooting into the sky is dangerous and illegal. Just don’t do it.
  • Physical Interference: This includes lasers and other objects.
  • Disable or otherwise tamper with: Using jammers and hacking is a crime.

You may also be doing other things that violate the law. Scan this list.

Now that we’ve settled it, it’s you can Do.

The COVID-test drone delivery project involved Walmart, Quest Diagnostics and DroneUp.

The COVID-test drone delivery project involved Walmart, Quest Diagnostics and DroneUp.

bring an umbrella

Umbrellas may feel bulky, but they’re an inexpensive and practical way to provide privacy. It’s a no-brainer for rainy or particularly sunny days. You might see some weird looks, but who cares?

Buy one when you want to. This tiny umbrella is as big as a cell phoneso you can put it in your pocket. this is bigger But it’s even better in the wind and rain.

There are various technology products that protect your data and privacy in various ways. Tap or click eight options that can do everything from mute your microphone to secure your credit card.

use the surrounding environment as a cover

Own a drone or know someone who has one? I bet you have to deal with someone throwing something at it.That is no The right way to avoid drones.

You should take a more reactive approach. In bad weather — heavy rain, fog, and high winds — it can be difficult for drones to fly or capture great footage. To rate you.

When the weather is clear and you see drones buzzing overhead, find a place where you are less likely to be spotted. Trees, alcoves, awnings, and tunnels are all good places to take shelter when drones pass by.

Use this free tool to find out if the police are saving your face to their database.

don the invisibility cloak

Get this: Researchers at University of Maryland Spotting patterned sweaters thwarts AI systems.

The sweaters use the same images that engineers use to train the AI ​​system to recognize objects. Wear it, and the system may not see you as a person, but as an animal, such as a giraffe.

Fashion brands are trending.italian startups capable Clothes are sold with these patterns, which confuse facial recognition software, also known as “adversarial patches.”

5 drones, reviewed by experts

Be warned, though: These costumes are expensive. A hoodie costs about $450. As with all new inventions, you can expect prices to drop if these inventions catch on.

Autonomous drone fleets could help find lost hikers, according to MIT researchers.

Autonomous drone fleets could help find lost hikers, according to MIT researchers.
(Melanie Gornick)

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