April 2, 2023

We spend a lot of money on our smartphones, so we want to make sure we’re giving them the best possible care. One of the most important things you can do to extend the life of your phone is to make sure it’s charged properly, and there are a few secrets you might not know about.

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Here are all the dos and don’ts for charging your smartphone, whether you have an iPhone or an Android.

Here’s what to know about charging your phone the right way.
(Kurt Knudsen)

Don’t: Rely on Cheap Wall Plug Chargers

Poor knockoff chargers can cause more problems than they’re worth, and often come without any protection.

While you can find chargers for less on Amazon or elsewhere, these cheap chargers can actually damage your phone. Quality chargers have specially designed circuitry inside to keep your phone from overcharging, damaging or overheating, so quality is an important factor to keep in mind when buying a charger.

Replacing your iPhone battery is about to get more expensive

Chargers made by your phone manufacturer are best used with certified chargers certified by your phone manufacturer. Apple has its own certification process called IF, is the abbreviation of Made For iPhone, iPad, iPod. Look for the MFi badge on Apple-certified non-Apple chargers and accessories.Android phones require a standard-compliant charger USB interface Certification to the USB-C specification.

Do: Take your phone out of the case

Yes, your smartphone case can affect how your device charges. Most of us use cases to distinguish our devices from other devices and to provide them with extra protection should they be accidentally dropped. However, keeping the case open while charging can cause temperature issues with the device. If your phone overheats, it will affect future performance. Watch to see if your phone gets very hot when plugged in, and if so, remove the case until it finishes charging.

Your smartphone case can affect how it charges.

Your smartphone case can affect how it charges.
(Kurt Knudsen)

Don’t: Use Your Phone While Charging

Using your phone while charging is one of the worst things that can happen. It increases the phone’s temperature significantly, which puts a lot of strain on the battery, screen, and processor. You should plug your phone in and set it aside until it finishes charging.

Do: Be careful with battery-powered portable chargers

Portable chargers are handy, but they can also cause damage to your phone if you’re not using a quality charger. Focus on recognizable brands and only focus on products that are certified for safety and compliance. Similar to plug-in chargers, look for compliance for non-Apple accessories from the Apple MFi certification. Android devices plugged into a USB-C connection require certification from the USB-IF.

How to stop your phone from dying so fast

It is better to buy one that has overcharge protection and is from a reliable brand. We’ve made recommendations for some of the best and most reliable portable chargers available, and you can check them out here.

Take care to use the correct charger for your phone.

Take care to use the correct charger for your phone.
(Kurt Knudsen)

Don’t: Download battery-draining apps

If you have any type of performance app on your phone designed to monitor your battery life, it’s doing more damage than you realize. These apps are constantly draining your battery, and your device will be better off if you delete them.

Which apps are draining your phone’s battery?

It’s also important to keep an eye out for spyware, adware, and malware infecting your phone because they’re constantly draining your battery.Learn how to keep an eye out for malware on your device iPhone and android.

What do you think of these considerations? We’d love to hear from you.

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