April 1, 2023

Have you ever taken a photo with a group of people and one or two of them are winking? It’s the perfect solution I use all the time on my iPhone (and Google Photos on my Android device) to make sure there’s always options and you get the perfect shot.

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How do I choose the perfect photo frame on my Apple device?

The first thing you need to do to get the perfect picture is to know this iPhone camera trick called Live Photo. You’ve probably seen it before by long-pressing a thumbnail in a photo.

What are “Live Photos”?

Live Photo captures a 1.5-second video before and after you take a photo. This gives you the opportunity to capture the moment it actually happens. Think of it as a tool that takes you back in time when taking pictures.

Later, you can go back and choose the prettiest shot from your Live Photos. This must be what they call picture perfect in Hollywood.

How to Turn Live Photos On and Off on the iPhone

How to take pictures with Live Photo

  • Click on the camera icon
  • Select the “Photos” option in the bottom navigation bar
  • Once in Photos, select the circular icon in the top right corner:

This will activate the “live photo” option.

Steps to take a photo with a Live Photo.
(Fox News)

  • Click on the white circle below the photo to take a photo
  • The Live Photo option will now take a short video and allow you to choose the best frame to use

How to Choose the Perfect Picture Frame

  • After taking photos of the scene, head to “photo” app and select the “Albums” icon in the lower navigation
  • Once there, scroll down until you see a section titled “media type.” navigate down to “Live Photos” You’ll see all the Live Photos you’ve taken.
  • First, choose the photo you want.keep watching when you Tap and hold on the still Live Photo. You’ll see that you’ll be able to see the entire quick video.
  • Now set the frame you want, click on the blue “edit” Text in the upper right corner.
  • The photo will now be in “edit” mode with the selection at the bottom of the photo live photo icon You see on the bottom line:
An example of how to choose the perfect frame.

An example of how to choose the perfect frame.
(Fox News)

How to stop your phone from dying so fast

  • After doing this, you’ll see the timeline of your photos open
  • keep clicking white rectangular box on that timeline and move it along the timeline until you get to the frame that looks best
  • When you are satisfied with the photo frame you like, click, “Making Key Photos” that now lock frame
  • Now, if you want to share a photo, It will share photo with this newly selected frame

a word of warning

With the above steps to set the perfect frame, you are essentially, Create a cover photo For this quick video file. That said, a word of warning… since Live Photo records 1.5 seconds before and after the capture, be careful with the files you send.Even though you just created this Live Photo cover photo, remember that this file is actually a short, quick video, and anyone who receives it then press the photo can be seen The whole quick shot.

How to Create a Still Image from a Live Photo

Create still imageFrom the updated live lens you just updated, follow these steps:

  • Click on the photo you want to share
  • then click share button (click the icon in the lower left corner, arrow up)
  • A pop-up screen will appear.
  • In the first row under “1 Photo Selected”, click the “Options” box
  • Under “Send As”, select “Personal Photos” and click the “Done” button in the upper right corner
  • You will return to the popup screen. At the bottom of the screen, click how you want to share the photo (airdrop, message, mail, etc.)
  • You can now send this file as a still image.

How do I choose the perfect photo frame on my Android device?

Unfortunately, Android doesn’t have a built-in feature like Live Photos on the iPhone. However, there is a workaround using Google Photos.

How to remove your location from photos

How to Extract Pictures from Videos in Google Photos

Since Google Photos is built into all Android devices, go ahead and open your app.If you’re going to take a picture with a lot of people, go for it Try taking a video instead of a photo . After recording that video, you can choose a perfect frame. That’s it:

  • click on video
  • Tap the video to see controlappears at the bottom
  • Select the center icon at the bottom that looks like 3 horizontal bars
  • You will see a horizontal bar.clickWhite vertical line (aka frame selector)and move it over the bar until you select a frame where everyone hasn’t blinked
  • Hit the “Export Frame” button on the bottom right and the frame will now be exported to your camera folder
Image showing images extracted from videos in Google Photos

Image showing images extracted from videos in Google Photos
(Fox News)

How did you use this trick to save someone blinking in some of your photos? We’d love to hear from you.

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