February 5, 2023

Have you ever felt like someone is watching you behind your back when sending private messages to your friends and family? Well, you don’t have to worry about those nosy people knowing what you’re sending, because Apple has a secret trick on all iPhone models, and it’s completely free to use.

How to protect my messages?

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The function we are talking about is called invisible ink, which allows iPhone users to send an iMessage with text scrawled on the screen so that no one but you and the recipient can read it. The message only appears on the screen when you tap and hold it.

It will look like a blank message to anyone trying to look over your shoulder. It’s also a great trick if you want to send any funny jokes or surprises to your friends, or you can use it to discuss movie and TV show spoilers in a group chat without spoiling anything for people in the chat who haven’t seen it. Content however. However, this special feature is only available for iMessage and not for any other messaging platforms such as WhatsApp.

Invisible Ink lets iPhone users send an iMessage to scribble text on the screen.

Apple users can protect accounts with a physical security key

  • open your iMessage information application
  • enter message to a friend of yours
  • Instead of hitting send, Hold your finger on the send icon
  • a hidden menu will appear on your screen with options on how to send the message
Here's how to use Invisible Ink on your iPhone.

Here’s how to use Invisible Ink on your iPhone.

IPHONE HACK makes it easy to operate with one hand and access everything on the screen

  • choose invisible ink
  • according to send after finishing
  • Your messages will now be hidden until you tap it.If the message is longer, you must click it multiple times reveal the whole thing.
This is how Invisible Ink appears on iMessage.

This is how Invisible Ink appears on iMessage.

Now you know what invisible ink is. Do you want to send secret messages to your friends and family? I’d love to hear your opinion.

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