February 21, 2024

Over the next few months, Meta will gradually expand end-to-end encryption (E2EE) to all messenger users to ensure comprehensive high-level security.

“Gradually” is the key word here It will randomly select the meta state (opens in a new tab) Which chats get E2EE and which don’t. When selected, everyone in the selected chat will be notified if their app now has an extra layer of protection. The reasoning behind the random selection process is to offload both the users and the company’s own infrastructure so as not to overwhelm either of them. Ideally, rollouts are smoother when done incrementally rather than all at once. Also, during this time Meta will test whether E2EE will become the default in Messenger. So if you’re one of the lucky few to be picked first, be sure to install the update as soon as possible for optimal security.

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