April 2, 2023

Promoting oral hygiene in kids from the start can prevent gum diseases. Being a parent it is your responsibility to adopt and practice healthy habits in front of your children because they practice what they see their parents do. Adopting healthy habits not only keeps your teeth healthy but also promotes the overall health of the body. 

If you are a parent who’s struggling with the oral hygiene of his children, this article is for you. Here are a few things you can do to promote oral hygiene in your kids. 

Brush with them

Make it a habit to brush with your kids. This will ensure brushing twice a day. In addition, you can help your kids with the right brushing technique and duration. Kids under the age of 6 need supervision in brushing, your presence will guide them to do it properly. 

Moreover, set a timer to two minutes to ensure thorough brushing. Setting a timer regularly would help your kids to brush for two minutes unconsciously even without a timer because they’ll get used to it with time. Also, this will help you bond with your kids. 

Encourage healthy eating Habits

A lot of sugar consumption and processed food can lead to bacteria build-up and plaque even at an early age. Excess sugar from sodas and juices will erode the enamel in the long run, which is the outer protective covering of your teeth. If not addressed, it can lead to tooth loss and require dental implants to fix it. Therefore, adopt healthy eating habits yourself, only then you’ll be able to instill them in your children. 

For instance, instead of offering sweets and chips in snacks, offer fruits and nuts. In addition, try to cook meals at home to avoid the consumption of processed food. Also, cut down on sodas, fizzy drinks, candies, and canned food to encourage eating at-home food. 

Let them choose their brush and toothpaste

When you go for groceries, try to give your kids the option of choosing their toothbrush and toothbrush. This will help them build interest in keeping up with oral hygiene. Guide them about the toothbrush and toothpaste, which are most suitable for them. And let them choose the colour and taste accordingly.

In addition, give presents to your children for sticking to a regular brush routine and encourage them to maintain it in the future too. 

Watch Educational videos together 

Nowadays, everything is available on the internet. Watch educational videos of dental hygiene with your kids. Show them if they won’t take care of their teeth what will be the consequences of it and how the field of orthodontics can help them restore them. 

Watching awareness videos will encourage your kids to practice oral hygiene as they have seen the consequences. In addition, pay regular visits to your doctor for a general check-up. This will help rule out any dental problem timely and fix it before it gets out of hand.

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